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Journaling: Smash Book Progress

Since we thought my cousin, K, was coming down today, I didn't get on the PC like I normally would. Turned out she didn't show up after all (though she will be here tomorrow). Anyway, I decided to work on my Smash books. Side note: I don't know whether it's Smashbook or Smash Book - so bothersome.

Once I got started I really got into it! Here's my Washington pages, which as you can see, I've only just begun on. That's my own photo of Mt. Rainier, btw. *g* Got to use some of my newest papers, which was exciting. Note the list of places I want to go to, because I've never driven to those places myself - been many years since I've been to any of them. But this is my little "Driving around WA Bucket List". :P
 photo Smashbook_WAPages04-05-13_zps86603503.jpg

I didn't stop there...and the only reason why I didn't do more on the WA pages is because I need more photos! :P
Next I worked on my Quotes/Inspiration pages. This idea came together really fast. Even got to use my new circle punch! :D Those butterflies are stickers, btw. Not sure that these are completely done, but they're close. I might squeeze some things in on the left page. Just haven't figured out what yet.
 photo Smashbook_QuotesInspPages04-05-13_zpsf1dd23aa.jpg

Oh! For those of you who also bought Smash Books and maybe haven't dived into them yet, I've got a heads-up: don't trust the glue stick on the pen that comes with the book. The first thing I did was work on a page of myself (which I won't show until it's done - sorry!) and I used the glue stick. Well, the next day the pictures I'd glued down were already coming undone on the corners. It was pretty bad. So do yourself a favor and buy a separate glue stick or some other kind of glue/adhesive. I actually use a mix of items. I have Avery glue sticks, Tombow MONO Adhesive Tape Runner (which I have a ton of refills for from my card-making days), and Elmer's CraftBond Flexible Dual Tip Glue Pen.

Maybe it was just THAT glue stick on THAT pen...I don't know. Maybe I didn't use enough? All I know is that I don't really trust it and since I've got other options, I'm happy to use them. The pen that comes with the Smash Book, however, is great. No problem on that end. ;)

Happy journalling/crafting! :D

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