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Daily Fanart Special Series: SPN Symbols, Spells, & Sigils

This is from S7's finale "Survival Of The Fittest" as Dean & Sam prepare the weapon to kill Dick Roman by pouring the "three bloods of the fallen: a fallen angel, the ruler of fallen humanity, and the father of fallen beasts" over the "bone of a righteous mortal", Sister Marty Constant.

Thank you for the comments for this series, especially the lovely ones yesterday. :D However, this wraps up this week of Symbols, Spells, & Sigils...for now. I've still got plenty more caps, but I'm debating about how I want to post them - whether I'll keep having weeks like this one or just post the lot in a big picspam. Feel free to weigh in on how you'd like to see the rest of the caps.

Resolution= 1280 x 720 -- Click For Full-size

Tags: daily fanart, fanart, supernatural
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