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Season 6 will soon be mine!!!!

Finally! After searching and searching online (and constantly coming up empty) I think I've finally solved my SPN Season 6 download problem.

Background Info.: I have Seasons 1-5 as downloaded BluRay files. I have Seasons 7 & 8 as HQ Web Downloads. All of these are logo-free. The ONE thorn in my download gathering of SPN has been Season 6. I have downloads of the eps, but they're all with that darned CW logo & advertising in the corner. Ugh. Ugly! And since Season 6 is so old, it's naturally hard to find active download links for it anymore.

But I found some!!!! sHa_shakeshout

YES!!!! They're the right resolution (1280x720) and they're Web Downloads which means logo-free. The weird thing is that they're small file sizes for mkv files - only 900mb. Somehow whoever encoded these files was able to do so in a way where the quality is there with a smaller file size. I've downloaded and checked out 601 already and I can't see much (if any) degradation of the video quality.

Check out these 2 sample caps. I only adjusted the brightness/contrast. Click for full size.


I've checked out all the links for each of the Season 6 episodes and there's only one missing: 602.
BUT! I do believe I already have a logo-free download of that ep that I got a year or so ago. Thank goodness I kept it! So I should finally be able to get all of Season 6.
So happy! sHa_woot
Well I know what I'll be busy downloading over the next few weeks. Logo-Free Season 6 caps are in our future!!!!

Tags: adventures in screencapping, random cap, squee, supernatural
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