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SPN Revealed S2 - 2.11 Playthings

Many apologies for letting several months go by between these entries. RL and online issues took over for a while.

Think you know every SPN episode inside and out? So did I, but a new HDTV with a great picture and sound changed all that. I started to see things that I'd never noticed before. After a while I decided to make a list of all the things big and small that I came across, episode by episode.

I'd like to think of this as an in-depth look into Supernatural. It's a collection of interesting observations, continuity errors, goofs, filmmaking techniques, statistics, important (or not so important) information, trivia, and anything else that struck me as unusual.

Beware! This post is image heavy.

 photo Play_SPNRevealedCard_zpsec4adb7c.jpg

A few important notes...

Over the run of the S1 SPN Revealed posts, I was asked how I'm so good at spotting continuity errors and other little happenings in the episodes. The simple answer is that I've worked as a Script Supervisor (also known as Continuity in England) in the past. I only worked on a few college student and independent films, but I know the job well. The Script Supervisor does a lot, but the basic job description is to keep track of continuity during filming, everything from hair & make-up, to props and lighting. On the set, you have to catch everything you can - quickly. The difference with doing this to SPN episodes is that I can take my time, back up the video countless times, and even look frame by frame.

I don't hunt down these instances to be critical of the SPN crew. I know even from my limited experience how hard they work every week and I have the utmost respect for them. But it's interesting what little mistakes get by even a professional crew. It's also interesting to continue to find new elements to these episodes that many of us have seen dozens of times.

Get Involved: I'm always open to continuity errors, etc. spotted by others. If you see something that I don't have in a post, drop me a comment in the post or a PM, and I'll look into it. If I can confirm it and include it in that episode's post, I'll give you credit for the find.

For this reason, these posts will occasionally be updated. I'll post about the changes when they occur.

All the caps in these posts are my own. While most of these will not be suitable for other uses, due to my cropping and highlighting, you're free to take any that you like. All I ask is that you give me credit for them. Thanks! :D

~~~ 2.11 "Playthings" ~~~

On the laptop: "Entrepreneur Takes Own Life" on the Internet News Archive.
 photo Play_001_zps13b704c1.jpg

Beautiful framing of Sam through the room divider and ironically it's in the shape of a cross.
 photo Play_002_zps73e9c494.jpg

Dean continuing his tradition of removing the top from his coffee.
 photo Play_003_zps799b02f1.jpg

Blowfish alert! *g*
 photo Play_004_zpsea9828f7.jpg

Sam's name on the map of the YED's special kids, but look at the spelling of Andy Gallagher...Andre???
 photo Play_005_zps8a953015.jpg

This is the show's first time at Tulk House aka Rosemary. They'll revisit this location again in seasons 3 and 7.
 photo Play_006_zpse48899a3.jpg

Sam must have five-spot radar. Not only does he spot this small symbol on a black urn outside...
 photo Play_007_zps1d27446a.jpg

but he also finds a 2nd one later on that's even smaller and inside a vase while he and Dean walk down the hallway of the inn!
 photo Play_014_zpsdb02b7ec.jpg
 photo Play_015_zpsbeaaccfd.jpg

There's a bunch of Sammy Frowns in this ep. Here's number one.
 photo Play_008_zps57927b36.jpg

Sammy Frown number two as the boys register at the inn.
 photo Play_009_zps29fabee5.jpg

Dean uses the alias Mahogoff.
 photo Play_010_zps5e97b25c.jpg

Note the picture on the wall in their room. It's an actual photo of the location they're filming in. We'll get a better look at it in a little bit.
 photo Play_011_zps74094a3a.jpg

A little Dean-wearing-a-Henley appreciation. :)
 photo Play_012_zps84a8aa3d.jpg

Great low camera angle (an homage to "The Shining" and mirroring the POV of a young child) as the boys walk the hall.
 photo Play_013_zps42e3ab3f.jpg

Sammy Frown number three.
 photo Play_016_zps87e6bea1.jpg

Continuity Break: When the boys enter and are in the room with all the dolls, Dean's sleeves are down.
 photo Play_017_zpse69270f2.jpg

But when the boys leave the room they're magically scrunched up on his arms.
 photo Play_018_zps5850c118.jpg

The paper Susan signs related to selling the inn? They're really acting contracts. You can make out words "The Producer" and "Artist's Employment" in the 2nd cap.
 photo Play_019_zps485698e4.jpg
 photo Play_020_zps049d7d16.jpg

The song Tyler's humming during this scene appears to be "A Tisket, A Tasket".
 photo Play_021_zps89ce5feb.jpg

The buyer of the inn is hung by a power cord from the ceiling fan.
 photo Play_022_zpsa2bc01cd.jpg

The boys are staying in room 237.
 photo Play_023_zpsc5f0a977.jpg

During the drunk scene Sam smashes the cast on his right arm on the table next to him. You'd think that would hurt....but then Sam's not feeling much pain here. :P
 photo Play_024_zpsb822893c.jpg

Dean calls Sam "Sasquatch" here, which reportedly was one of the nicknames late, great director, Kim Manners gave Jared.
 photo Play_025_zpscf820dfb.jpg

The frequently-used deer head on the wall in the background. Also, this drunk scene appears to have been shot completely hand-held.
 photo Play_026_zps1e247154.jpg

This bar scene is also similar to a scene from "The Shining".
 photo Play_027_zps494eedef.jpg

Continuity Break: There's a big one in this scene. When Dean sits down he is clearly not sitting opposite to Sherwin. He actually to Sherwin's right.
 photo Play_028_zps920c4a5f.jpg

However in this shot, Dean is suddenly to Sherwin's left.
 photo Play_029_zps1b81bb58.jpg

Then in the reverse shot Dean's back on Sherwin's right side.
 photo Play_030_zps771bc47c.jpg

Here's a closer look at that photo of Tulk House/Rosemary location.
 photo Play_031_zpsf30084f3.jpg

SPN once again using a mirror cleverly as Sam deals with his hangover.
 photo Play_032_zps6735ee79.jpg

Sammy Frown number four.
 photo Play_033_zpsc68503ba.jpg

It's not breaking & entering, just entering: Sam picks open the lock on the room with the dolls while Dean keeps watch.
 photo Play_034_zps0ad6ea5f.jpg

That's Jensen doing the driving as they leave the inn.
 photo Play_035_zps524bea35.jpg

Naturally these are 2 stunt doubles when Sam saves Susan from the attacking car.
 photo Play_036_zps0fb5a2a5.jpg

Lots of whiskey to choose from when Sam goes to grab Susan a drink.
 photo Play_037_zps4a8ace9d.jpg

A rare Dean Frown.
 photo Play_038_zps0f20691c.jpg

Wonderful framing of the young girls through a puddle of water on the cover of the pool.
 photo Play_039_zps943f2a37.jpg

A bit of location trivia: this outdoor pool is not at the Tulk House/Rosemary location, but at a different estate in Vancouver.
 photo Play_040_zpsfb42a674.jpg

Dean door kick!
 photo Play_041_zps98d4b880.jpg

Clearly Jared's stunt double, Mike Carpenter, doing the jump into the pool.
 photo Play_042_zps7c12f7c8.jpg
 photo Play_043_zpsa3a8e7a8.jpg

However, that IS Jared actually swimming in the water.
 photo Play_044_zps826cae3b.jpg

It takes Dean three kicks to get the door open.
 photo Play_045_zps82bc67a5.jpg

This shot of the boys driving away from the inn at the end of the episode is actually the earlier scene re-used. You can even just barely see Susan standing outside at the end of the shot. She, of course, shouldn't even be there because she and Tyler left in the cab before the boys leave.
 photo Play_046_zps8f2a2aef.jpg
 photo Play_047_zps3f297a66.jpg

Hope you enjoyed this revealing look at "Playthings".

To see my SPN Revealed posts for S1, please go to my SPN Revealed S1: The Ultimate All Episodes Post.
And to view the previous SPN Revealed posts for S2, use my SPN Revealed S2 tag.

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