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New Online Photo Editor: Picadilo

Decided to do a search of whatever new online photo editors might be out there and found another worthy addition to my arsenal: Picadilo.

It's completely free (you don't even have to register) and it has quite a treasure trove of effects. Everything is fully adjustable with fine tuning controls and its Sharpen effect is excellent (a bit of a sticking point of mine). Best of all (for me, anyway), it has the best Bloom Effect I've seen besides the one I use with PhotoScape on my PC. There's also a nice Textures section. My only complaint: there's no frames or stickers whatsoever, which is sort of disappointing. There is a nice little selection of text fonts though.

It also allows you to Favorite any of the effects into your own list, but of course, since there's no registration, as soon as you leave the site they're gone. But still, if you're doing a session of editing it's a nice option to have the effects you use most readily available and together.


I look forward to trying this editor out. Here's a little test I did with multiple effects (click for full-size):


I'm often asked which online image editors I use. Well here's the current list, basically from my favorites to lesser ones (but still good and recommended)...

1. Ribbet http://www.ribbet.com/
2. Pic Monkey http://www.picmonkey.com/
3. iPiccy http://ipiccy.com/
4. Pixlr http://pixlr.com/
5. Fotor http://www.fotor.com/
6. BeFunky http://www.befunky.com/
7. Picture2Life http://www.picture2life.com/

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