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First Impressions: 8x20 "Pac-Man Fever"

Was able to watch the East Coast feed this week along with live on the TV on West Coast time. These notes are a culmination of both viewings.

I'm trying to give myself a break and not kill myself doing these reviews. We'll see how it goes this season.
What's here are basic reactions I typed out during the show, with a few bits and pieces put in afterwards. Hopefully it'll be brief, but still interesting.

Whoah. We jump right in. Has Dean gone back in time, or just dreaming? Even he doesn't know what's going on.
Oh....dead people. Lots of bloody, dead people in the hall.
Newspaper says 1951.
Uh oh....something's coming.

24 hours earlier....cute. Dean's brought home food and beer.
Bunker time! :D Sam's looking a little bedraggled. Love the joke about Sam's hair being too long. LOL
Dean tosses Sam a beer and it ends up crashing to the floor.
Dean: "That's why we don't have nice things, Sam."
Sam wants to hunt down Kevin, but Dean says they've got Garth & other hunters looking and surveillance cams searching. They need to sit tight from here. "I'm fine." C'mon Sam.
Whoah. They've got their own firing range??? Cool!
Sam can't hit the target, of course.
Dean: "Look, man, that second trial hit you a lot harder than that first one. I don't know whether it was just more intense or what."
Sam: "It felt the same...Until the next day."
Dean: "So we're gonna sit tight...keep an eye out until you, uh, get better."

Email from Charlie! :) She's found them a case.
The Bunker's in some kind of Bermuda Triangle. Awesome!
They meet up with Charlie, and right away she notices Sam's not well, but he blows it off.
They let her inside the fortress and tell her the whole background on the MOL.
Charlie: “Holy awesome! Too bad they got wiped out, though that is what they get for the sexist name.”
As someone on Twitter pointed out....Um, what about your name, Charlie? Heh.
She's found a weird death...guy's insides were liquified.
Hee! She found Chuck's books and got obsessed with all things monsters. :P
Sam: "We need to find every single copy of those books and burn them."
Charlie: "They're online now, so good luck with that."

Charlie insists on going to check out the case with Dean...he takes her to the firing range and she hits it dead on. Ha!
Next, it's a new wardrobe....

OMG Dean takes Charlie clothes shopping! :D
Love her little pouty "Montage." when he turns off her music.
Dean spills to her about the trials and how they're affecting Sam.
Charlie: “If it’s any consolation, having read your history, there’s pretty much nothing the Winchesters can’t do if they work together.”
It's cool to find out Charlie's an only child. :)
Sam does not do staying-at-home well.

Charlie with the upside down badge....just like Cas. Hicks & Ripley. LOL "Aliens" reference FTW!
Aw, Dean....turning on the charm....And it doesn't work. Fail! LOL
Charlie: "I'm sorry. I froze. I couldn't control-alt-delete my way out. Real-life role-playing is hard." Don't we all wish we could do control-alt-delete in real life?
Charlie hacked into NORAD when she was a teen. Whoah.
Dean: "Yeah. Whatever you say 'Wargames'." Hee!

Dudes. You don't poke a dead body you found with a stick!
And that's why. Blood squirt! Ewwww.

Love Dean being all big-brotherly to Charlie, making her take the lead on the introductions to the local police. "Back on the horse, kiddo." ;)
Uh oh....Sam's already there and Dean's not happy about it.
Cute how Charlie didn't wanna miss the "bro-ment". Hee!
Dean: "Look, man, I know you're frustrated, but you're also sick."
Sam: "I'm not leaving, Dean."
Dean: "I know you wanna help. I do, alright? But-"
Sam: "Dean, you cannot take care of the both of us. I need to be out here. 'Play through the pain' right?"
Dean: "Come on, man. Don't quote me to me."

Charlie returns with info. from the 2 kids: the body had a blue handprint on it. Dean tries one more time, Sam refuses and Dean walks off.
Charlie: "You guys fight like an old married couple."
Welcome to working with the Winchesters, Charlie.
Dean takes off, leaving Charlie and Sam to head off to the coroner's office in her car - which Sam hijacked. Heh.

Dean meets up with Charlie & Sam at the Coroner's office.
Sam: "What took you so long?" Hee!
Eeep! Coroner's dropping in. Charlie says she's got this and the boys hide.
Go Charlie! She does pretty well on her own with the coroner.
The boys, meanwhile, find out the body's missing. They burned the body, worried about some disease outbreak.
Charlie ends up asking for fashion advice. Hee!
Annnnddd she awkwardly gets herself outta there once she sees the boys got out.

Research time!
Geeky jealousy: "I hate that thing...and I want one." LOL
Dean finds an offshoot of Djinn that fits.
Ooooh...Charlie slams Sam about the pie.
Dean wonders why she seems off...

What are you up to Charlie?
Oh, crap! The coroner chick is the Djinn monster!!!!

Sam's calling Charlie and doing more coughing, which doesn't go unnoticed by Dean.
Smart Dean! He turned on the GPS on her phone.
They track down her place and find it all torn up and no Charlie.
They find all her aliases and that she's been making donations to a charity for a Gertrude Middleton at an area hospital.
Dean visits the comatose woman at the hospital....puts it all together that this is Charlie's mom.

Charlie: "Wilhelm scream." Hee! That's too funny & cute. Poor Charlie, though.
This Djinn prefers the taste of fear in humans.
Oh, no! Charlie!!!!

Charlie: "My manly man friend's gonna come get you, you creepy power-suit lady."
Djinn: "Oh, let him come. He reeked of fear, as well."

Hello! Dean's afraid for Sam. *hint, hint, hint* ;)
Gah! Boys, you gotta find Charlie!!!!
They figure out it's the new coroner and hunt down her abandoned shipping warehouse ('cause every monster needs one of those).

Dean finds an unconscious Charlie and Sam finds the Djinn.
Uh oh...Sadly, Sam is not at fighting strength. Yay! Dean to the rescue!
They give her an antidote, but it doesn't work. They go the African Dream root route instead.
Eeee! The boys said "African Dream Root" at the same time. Haven't had that in a while. :D
Dean drinks the concoction and needs to sleep fast so he asks Sam to hit him. First time was kinda weak, but the 2nd one works. Heh.

So the 1940's dreamscape is Charlie's world.
Zombies? Eeep!
Oh, have I drooled over Dean being in a uniform? *drools* :D
Charlie! This is actually her nightmare, not her happy place. It's a video game she stole before it was released, modified and then released it herself, only to have the feds come looking for her.
Meanwhile, Sam's coughing up more blood....and about to find out there's 2 Djinn, not one. She has a son - one of the witness kids from the previous night. Eeep!

Oh, they're vampires and the game just keeps looping and she can never get off the level.
Her mom is there as a patient...and Dean tells about what he and Sam found. Charlie sneaks into the hospital whenever she can, reads to her mom. "She's the reason I love the stuff I love."
Sam's there too. :(
Vamps trying to get in!
And meanwhile, Sam's getting beat up by Djinn Jr. but Sam takes him out. Yay!
Dean says they have to break the loop by not playing anymore. Let go of the fear.
Dean: "You're afraid of losing her. Charlie, she's already gone."
Charlie's confession is so heartbreaking...
She lowers the gun and the vamps disappear and the bed's empty.
Dean wakes up....and so does Charlie. He apologizes to her, says he had to do it. She goes into Dean's embrace. Awww Charlie. :(

Charlie leaves the bunker. Love how Sam keeps calling her "highness".
She reassures him that he can get through the trials.
Charlie: “Those books portray you as, like, one tough customer. If anyone can get through the trials, Sam, it’s you.”
Aw, and Sam calls her Woman Of Letters. :)
Charlie tells Dean that she's going to the hospital, to let go of her mom.
Dean's going to keep holding on. "That's my boys." Oh....*gonna cry*
Love their hug and how he kisses her on the head. So sweet. :)

Then as Dean returns to the Bunker, Sam's already admitting he should've sat this case out and Dean just goes up and hugs him!!!
OMG *happy dances* :D
Sam gets over his surprise and then returns the embrace and Dean lets go and says "What do you say we find our Prophet."
Charlie signs the papers at the hospital and reads one more story to her mom..."The Hobbit". *wibbles* Such a beautiful ending.

Excellent, excellent episode! So many emotions. They really know how to prep us for the season finale, don't they? *worries over what's to come*


* Yay for Charlie still being alive!
* Dean in uniform. *guh*
* Sam being his stubborn self and firing back Dean's own teachings at him. Heh.
* I love how the episode came down to Charlie letting go and Dean holding on.

That's all I've got, really. Can't wait for next week! Eeep! :D

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