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SPN Revealed S2 - 2.12 Nightshifter

Hey, at least I didn't let another whole month (or two) go by. *g*

Think you know every SPN episode inside and out? So did I, but a new HDTV with a great picture and sound changed all that. I started to see things that I'd never noticed before. After a while I decided to make a list of all the things big and small that I came across, episode by episode.

I'd like to think of this as an in-depth look into Supernatural. It's a collection of interesting observations, continuity errors, goofs, filmmaking techniques, statistics, important (or not so important) information, trivia, and anything else that struck me as unusual.

Beware! This post is image heavy.

 photo Night_SPNRevealedCard_zps96e9ffa9.jpg

A few important notes...

Over the run of the S1 SPN Revealed posts, I was asked how I'm so good at spotting continuity errors and other little happenings in the episodes. The simple answer is that I've worked as a Script Supervisor (also known as Continuity in England) in the past. I only worked on a few college student and independent films, but I know the job well. The Script Supervisor does a lot, but the basic job description is to keep track of continuity during filming, everything from hair & make-up, to props and lighting. On the set, you have to catch everything you can - quickly. The difference with doing this to SPN episodes is that I can take my time, back up the video countless times, and even look frame by frame.

I don't hunt down these instances to be critical of the SPN crew. I know even from my limited experience how hard they work every week and I have the utmost respect for them. But it's interesting what little mistakes get by even a professional crew. It's also interesting to continue to find new elements to these episodes that many of us have seen dozens of times.

Get Involved: I'm always open to continuity errors, etc. spotted by others. If you see something that I don't have in a post, drop me a comment in the post or a PM, and I'll look into it. If I can confirm it and include it in that episode's post, I'll give you credit for the find.

For this reason, these posts will occasionally be updated. I'll post about the changes when they occur.

All the caps in these posts are my own. While most of these will not be suitable for other uses, due to my cropping and highlighting, you're free to take any that you like. All I ask is that you give me credit for them. Thanks! :D

~~~ 2.12 "Nightshifter" ~~~

Ooopsie! Your location's showing: In the TV news footage of the bank robbery you can see a sign of the real Royal Bank's address in downtown Vancouver where they filmed this episode.
 photo Night_001_zpsbe002434.jpg

Coordinated badge flashing! Sam's FBI badge says Han Solo.
 photo Night_002_zps4a79f453.jpg

Ron's walls are plastered with UFO and alien sightings info.
 photo Night_003_zps0fbe2391.jpg

Love the bit about Cheesheads being mandroid spies. Btw, that says "The Big Kahuna: Cheesehead Motherhip". LOL
 photo Night_004_zps6049aa48.jpg

The newspaper article was written by Emily McLaughlin which is the name of the co-writer of Season 3's "Mystery Spot" with Jeremy Carver. According to SuperWiki she also has been a: "Writer's Production Assistant, Showrunner's Assistant, a Writer's Assistant since the beginning of Season Two and a story editor since the beginning of Season Three." The photo is also credited to Mary Ann Liu who is the show's Graphic Designer.
 photo Night_005_zpseef6e565.jpg

That is an actual map of downtown Milwaukee.
 photo Night_006_zps9ab3ee01.jpg

There's no Sammy Frown in this ep, but there is a Dean Frown.
 photo Night_007_zps3098e3a9.jpg

Check out the picture of the family posing by the gigantic bovine in the motel room.
 photo Night_008_zpsa68585b0.jpg

As usual, the boys have stuff about the case put up on the motel room wall. What's with "Merl The Knife" though?
 photo Night_009_zps2f657537.jpg

Note that being in Milwaukee it's a beer-themed room (Dean's also drinking a beer, appropriately). Henley alert! Oh, and extra points if you spotted the hole in Dean's jeans. *g*
 photo Night_010_zps3c705cb2.jpg

Haven't I seen that before?: The hoodie Sam's wearing looks an awful lot like the one Dean wore when he was dying in "Faith".
 photo Night_011_zpscd3e984e.jpg

They're staying at "The Brew City Hotel & Bar".
 photo Night_012_zpscf8f2f0c.jpg

Pretty sure these are actually Jensen's hands.
 photo Night_013_zps8a304257.jpg

And here as well. Btw, the shape of the nails is the big giveaway that it's Jensen...and if I see any freckles. ;)
 photo Night_014_zpse10fb190.jpg

The boys are pretending to work for the "Securiserve Guard Service".
 photo Night_015_zps5ecb375f.jpg

Jensen's hand on the video control knob.
 photo Night_016_zpsb1676dc9.jpg

Dean, always packing a weapon. This is the first and last time we see this particular silver knife.
 photo Night_017_zpsf87f2a20.jpg

Bank heist scenes were shot handheld.
 photo Night_018_zps02279fad.jpg

Kinda funny how Dean takes time to get out of the security jumpsuit after Ron takes him hostage.
 photo Night_019_zpsed3262b5.jpg

Blink & you'll miss it: Dean flips the silver letter opener he finds in the office.
 photo Night_020_zps312263c5.jpg

Wonderful work by the show's VFX team on these exterior night shots of the bank. That's a completely CGI helicopter.
 photo Night_021_zpsd7a7137c.jpg
 photo Night_022_zps6e6dbf53.jpg

Ooopsie! Your location's showing: Canadian flags can be clearly seen in this shot as more police cars arrive.
 photo Night_023_zps27fc3372.jpg

Is it just me or does this guy playing Lieutenant Robarts look an awful lot like Fox Mulder from The X-Files? :P
 photo Night_024_zps17556512.jpg

When Dean lets Sam out of the bank vault, Sam bumps into his brother's shoulder.
 photo Night_025_zps3f85d0d8.jpg

Dean gets his head bashed into the vault door. Ouch!
 photo Night_026_zps72d55947.jpg

(Possible) Continuity Error: After Ron is shot, Sam is seen giving the key to the locked doors to Dean. But there's no time where we see him with the key prior to giving it to Dean.
 photo Night_027_zpsd6481b60.jpg

This episode introduces us to FBI Special Agent Victor Henriksen.
 photo Night_028_zpse8c4cfa8.jpg

When the boys find shapeshifter!Sherri you can clearly see the makeup prosthetic they put on the actress to show the neck cut.
 photo Night_029_zps2c8d670a.jpg
 photo Night_030_zps4d02233e.jpg

Continuity Error: When Dean stabs the shapeshifter her hand changes position on his neck between shots.
 photo Night_031_zps0c84fe81.jpg
 photo Night_032_zps222acb47.jpg

Funny how the shapeshifter gets killed right by the sign proclaiming the place has had 67 days without injury.
 photo Night_033_zps4bd3e80b.jpg

Dean pats Sam on the shoulder as they return to the car.
 photo Night_034_zps9309000a.jpg

The Impala is really dirty!
 photo Night_035_zpsdc755270.jpg

Dean totally speeds right through the stop sign as they take off out of the parking garage.
 photo Night_036_zpsd0033a96.jpg

Hope you enjoyed this revealing look at "Nightshifter".

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And to view the previous SPN Revealed posts for S2, use my SPN Revealed S2 tag.

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