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First Impressions: 8x23 "Sacrifice"

Was able to watch the East Coast feed this week along with live on the TV on West Coast time. These notes are a culmination of both viewings.

I'm trying to give myself a break and not kill myself doing these reviews. We'll see how it goes this season.
What's here are basic reactions I typed out during the show, with a few bits and pieces put in afterwards. Hopefully it'll be brief, but still interesting.

Carry on my wayward son.....
Here we go!

Jody!!!! She's there on a blind date with...Crowley???
She doesn't have a clue. He's charming, of course...
Oh, he had to go and mention her dead husband and son....bastard.
Jody: "It's not a date til I've cried."
She goes to the restroom to collect herself...meanwhile Crowley's working a spell with his hex bag. Damn it!
He calls the boys...ultimatum time. Save her boys!!!!!!
Crowley wants Dean to say "I surrender".

Guess he said it and Jody's okay. Phew!
River Road!!!!! Even my mom recognized it. :P
Hee! Love the devil chili sign where Kevin hid the tablet. And the kick ass (hello, another Kim Manners shout out!) chili. ;)
Dean: "You hid the demon tablet underneath the devil? Seriously?"
Kevin: "What? I was delierious."

Dean gives Kevin the key to the bunker (finally dude!).

We catch up with Metatron & Cas....Cas wants to know how God was.
Metatron: "Larger-than-life, gruff, bit of a sexist. But fair -- eminently fair."
Next they have to get a bow from a cupid...they're watching a guy who's slated to fall in love soon.
Cas is done with the killing.

Bobby's junkyard!!!!! The boys even see his old car....awwww.
Crowley.....time to make the deal.
Crowley: "Where's the stone?"
Dean: "You show us yours, and we'll show you ours."
Crowley: "Really, Dean? I'm trying to conduct a professional negotiation here, and you want to talk dangly bits?"

Gotta love Crowley's long contracts. I'm with Dean....there's gotta be something fishy in there.
Still love how he calls them Moose & Squirrel. :P
"Nice try Squirrel. Moose is doing these trials. Moose signs."
Dean wants to read it all before Sam signs it.

Naomi gets word that Cas has been found at a bar in Houston, TX, but he's not alone....

Dean's still reading...
Crowley: "You know why I always defeat you? It's your humanity. It's a built-in handicap. You always put emotion ahead of good, old-fashioned common sense."
Time for Sam to sign, but the boys have got other plans. Woot! Smart boys!!
Dean handcuffs himself to Crowley with the devils trap cuffs from the dungeon and they take the angel tablet away from him. Awesome!
Crowley & Dean then exchange a few punches...
Dean: "I can do this all day, 'cause you know what? Damn, it feels good! But sooner or later you're gonna have to face it -- you're ours. Which means that your demon ass is going to be a mortal ass pretty damn quick."
For once Crowley has no idea what they're up to....yep, he's the final trial. Heh.

Cas is reading the want-ads....looking for a hook-up for the bartender.
Castiel: "“Would you say that you’re looking for a partner in crime? Or someone who’s into nurse roleplay and light domination?”
OMG Cas...stick with your day job. LOL
Metatron: "You're not the most subtle tool in the shed are you?" Hee!
Naomi and her goons! Eeep!
She takes off with Metatron. Well, this can't be good.

Wow that location is muddy. Blech.
Great church they built out there though...wherever it is.
They've got Crowley all trussed up in chains and a devil's trap.
Sam finally feels like they've got a chance.
"Honestly, for the first time in a long time, it feels like we're gonna win."
So Sam's confessed before...when they were kids. Interesting.
Dean offers up some suggestions: Ruby, killing Lilith and letting out Lucifer, losing his soul (What? Dean that wasn't Sam's fault!), not looking for him when he went to Purgatory...
Then Dean brings up a Penny Markle in the 6th grade.
Sam says that was Dean. Hee!
Love how you can see Dean mentally go "Oh, yeah that was me." LOL
Sam goes into the confessional....
And we don't get to hear what he confesses!!!!! Gah!
Cas shows up and tells Dean he and Metatron are working on closing the gates of heaven and he needs Dean's help.

Naomi has Metatron in her torture chair....she wants to know why he suddenly came out of the woodwork now...and why he's hanging out with Castiel.

Cas wants Dean's help, but he doesn't want to leave Sam alone.
Dean: "Now, if anybody needs a chaperone while doing the heavy lifting, it's Sam."
And Sam just heard that....ooops.
Sam says to leave, he's got this. Dean goes, but with orders for Sam to start the injections and that if he's not back in 8 hours, to finish the job, no question.

Sam starts with the first injection of his blood into Crowley. Of course, nothing happens.
Crowley: "You're miles out of your league, Moose."

Cas and Dean bring the angel tablet to Kevin at the Batcave.
Kevin: "Is this a joke?"
Castiel: "No. It's the word of God."

Kevin says he can't translate a tablet in only a few hours. Took him months to do that with the demon tablet.
The Cas goes all bad-cop on Kevin....yikes.
Castiel: "Dean is right. There is no out, only duty. You are a Prophet of the Lord, always and forever. Until the day you cease to exist, and then another prophet takes your place.”

Sam gives the next injection and Crowley bites Sam's arm! WTH???
Sam leaves and Crowley uses the blood to send out a demonic SOS.
Uh oh....

Dean's at the bar, drinking. Cas returns and hasn't found a woman for the bartender yet.
Castiel: "Do you really think it's wise to be drinking on the job?'
Dean: "What show you been watching?"
Great break of the 4th wall there. LOL
Dean and Cas have a little heart-to-heart about Cas's choices here..."but you're locking up heaven....and locking the door behind you." Cas did a lot of damage in heaven. He needs to try and fix things.
Gal comes in with delivery for the bar....looks like this is the one.
Then she leaves and the bartender & the guy at the end of the bar are actually the ones who make a love connection (over Archery of all things - lol). Heh.

Crowley singing to Sam.
Uh oh...somebody's coming....Abaddon!
Abaddon: "Hello boys."
Crowley: "That's my line."

She tosses Sam around and out the window. Ouch! :(
But she's not there to rescue Crowley....

Cas is all "give us your bow" to the cupid and ready with the angel sword but Dean stops him. "Talk first, stab later." Heh.
Meanwhile, Abaddon is beating up on Crowley...she wants to take over his job.
Sammy!!!!! He lights Abaddon on fire, forcing her to smoke out of her meatsuit. Excellent!

The cupid notes that things aren't the same in heaven...she's been afraid to go home, orders don't come like they used to. Wants to know that Cas can fix it. She hands over her bow...a tat on her hand. Cute.

Metatron doesn't look so good....
"Do you have any idea what it would be like to be plucked from obscurity, to sit at God's feet, to be asked to write down his word? The ache I felt when he was gone, telling myself, 'Father's left, but look what he's left us -- paradise.' But you and your Archangels couldn't leave well enough alone. You ran me from my home. Did you really think you could do all of that to me and there'd be no payback?"

Sam fixes the devil's trap around Crowley and prepares to go on with the trial and Crowley's trying to say they've shared a foxhole and he saved Sam. Really???
Then he injects him with more blood and Crowley changes..."I deserve to be loved!!!!"

Sammy, you're not lookin' so good... :(
Crowley's definitely different...wants to know what Sam confessed about.
"I only ask because, given history....it raises the question...where do I start....to even look for forgiveness?"
Sam says let's start with this...the blood....and Crowley just leans his head for another injection.
He's breaking my heart here! :(

Dean calls Kevin to see how the translation is going. He says there's nothing there about the trials Cas has done....
Naomi shows up...says Metatron lied to Cas...the things he's done aren't trials. Cas thinks she's lying, twisting the truth.
Naomi says this is Metatron seeking revenge...he intends to cast all the angels out of heaven and on to earth.
Naomi: "Our mission was to protect what God created. I don't know when we forgot that."
She then tells Dean that she wants the gates of hell closed, but it Sam completes the trials he'll die. She saw it in Metatron's head.
Naomi: "It was always God's intention -- the ultimate sacrifice."
She then asks Castiel to stop his path and if he wants back in she's willing to listen.
Naomi leaves and Dean wants to be taken back to Sam....now.

Sam's doing the exorcism....hurry Dean!
Cas delivers Dean to the church, but he's unconvinced about Naomi's story. "I'm going to fix my home."

He shows up in heaven only to find Naomi dead. :(
Metatron says she was right about him and holds an angel sword to Cas's neck. Gah!!!!!!

Dean gets there just in time to stop Sam.
Dean: "Metatron lied. You finish this trial, you're dead, Sam."
Sam: "So?"

Metatron puts Cas in the chair and steals his grace!
They weren't trials they were part of a spell and this is the last part.
Metatron: "I want you to live this new life to the fullest. Find a wife. Make babies. And when you die and your soul comes to Heaven, find me. Tell me your story. Now go."
Oh, he's totally fallen off the deep end....
He sends Cas back to earth...

Sam's still ready to finish this...is convinced other people will live if he does.
Dean says they know enough now to turn the tide on the demons.
Dean: "We have enough knowledge on our side to turn the tide here. But I can't do it without you."
Sam: "You can barely do it with me. I mean, you think I screw up everything I try. You think I need a chaperone, remember?"
Dean: "Come on man. That's not what I meant."
Sam: "No, it's exactly what you meant. You want to know what I confessed in there? What my greatest sin was? It was how many times I let you down. I can't do that again. What happens when you've decided I can't be trusted again? I mean, who are you gonna turn to next time instead of me? Another angel, another -- another vampire? Do you have any idea what it feels like to watch your brother just --"
Dean: "Hold on, hold on! You seriously think that? Because none of it -- none of it -- is true. Listen, man, I know we've had our disagreements, okay? Hell, I know I've said some junk that set you back on your heels. But, Sammy...come on. I killed Benny to save you. I'm willing to let this bastard and all the sons of bitches that killed mom walk because of you. Don't you dare think that there is anything, past or present, that I would put in front of you! It has never been like that, ever! I need you to see that. I'm begging you."
Sam: "How do I stop?"
Dean: "Just let it go."
Sam: "I can't. It's in me, Dean. You don't know what this feels like."
Dean (wrapping up Sam's cut hand): "Hey, listen, we will figure it out, okay, just like we always do."

And then he hugs Sam....awwwww. *wibbles & flails all over the boys*
Dean: "Let it go, brother."
The light in Sam's arms disappears. Then he suddenly falls to the floor in pain! Noooo!!!!!! Sammy!!!!!

Dean hauls Sam out of the church and out to the car.
Dean: "I got you, little brother. You're gonna be just fine."
They collapse by the car...Sam's still in pain and Dean's calling for Cas, wondering where he is.

Cas is laying on the ground in some woods.
Kevin is leaving the bunker when alarms and lights start coming on....uh oh.
Cas is running out of the woods...wind is picking up.
Dean looks up and there's lights in the sky...falling stars.
But they're not comets...they're angels. It's so beautiful and sad with the music...
Sam: "What's happening?"
Dean: "Angels. They're falling."

Gah!!!! Gonna be a long summer folks....

I was going to include some thoughts about Season 8 in general here, but I need more time to put them all together and meanwhile it was delaying me in posting this review. So I'll get that entry up later on.

Did I like the season finale? Yes. It was emotionally satisfying and visually stunning.
Did it fulfill everything set up from the season opener? No...but I'll talk about that later.

♦ Awesome acting all the way around! Jensen & Jared were especially on top of their game. Jared just tore my heart out with his broken speech to Dean at the end. "So?" I've never known so much anguish to be contained in one tiny word. And I never expected to feel sorry for Crowley of all characters but seeing him suddenly seeking sympathy and forgiveness really got to me.

♦ Jody's still alive. I'm sure of it! She has to be...

♦ I could tell something wasn't right with Metatron but even the turn he took surprised me. Beware an angel seeking payback! As for Naomi...she did reform a bit which was a nice turn of events. She never did lie to Dean however it's hard to forgive what she did to Castiel and Alfie. Wish her character could have been further reformed.

♦ I've read some people complain about Dean leaving Sam while running off with Cas on a fruitless goal. But the problem is that Sam needed for Dean to leave. He needed to prove that he could do the final trial on his own without Dean watching over him. This is backed up by his speech at the end - how he feels like he can never do anything right in Dean's eyes. And of course, Dean backed up that assumption when he told Cas that Sam needed chaperoning. So Dean left, trusting Sam to get the job done and he certainly would have if Dean hadn't gotten back there in time.

♦ Oh, Cas...always so sure you're doing the right thing when you're really not. You can't fault the angel for trying, but it would certainly help if he learned from his mistakes and kept the boys in the loop as to what he's up to instead of plowing ahead on his own. I look forward to seeing how human, mortal Cas deals with his new life.

♦ Sam's speech is great, but his last sentence had me thinking.

"What happens when you've decided I can't be trusted again? I mean, who are you gonna turn to next time instead of me? Another angel, another -- another vampire? Do you have any idea what it feels like to watch your brother just --"

Pretty sure Sam was going to say something about having a brother who trusts others over his own sibling, his own family. But you know what? Sam did that same thing to Dean when he fell in with Ruby. So rightfully, he has no argument. But Sam's jealousy and self-doubt is clear here. For as much as he'd like to call Castiel his friend, he knows he has nothing on the angel's bond with his brother. And how much did it have to sting to know that Dean made such a close friend with a vampire while in Purgatory? So for all of Sam not trusting Benny earlier in the season, to him it was a sign that Dean didn't believe in him. :(

♦ That ending was amazing. The music, the visuals of the angels falling from the sky, of the boys clutching to each other and looking on in wonder. Love it when the show pulls out all the stops at the end of the season.

Well folks, that's it until next fall. Hope you've enjoyed my rambling reviews during the season. :)

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