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Zipped Folders or Posted Caps/Photos?

Been doing some thinking about how I post not only my SPN Caps, but my VanCon photos as well.

I've heard some people don't download the zipped folders because they're either too big for them or they simply don't have any room on their hard drives for that many files. Yet, I know there are people who do download caps/photos that way.

One thing I'm thinking of trying with my SPN caps: in addition to posting a bunch of clickable thumbnail caps along with the zipped folders of the all the episode's caps, is to cap the episode again, but only cap the highlights. These caps would then be simply posted to LJ for people to right-click-save-as to their heart's content without having to worry about a whole ton of caps or large zipped folder sizes.

Everyone would be getting the caps in whatever form they like and technically it would be less work for me. I know it doesn't seem like it, since I'd be capping episodes twice, but for me it's easier to cap an episode lightly than having to look through all the caps from one episode and picking out certain ones.

As for the VanCon photos (which are not available ATM because of me losing my MediaFire account) I'm considering giving them similar treatment. I noted how everyone liked when growyourwings recently posted her VanCon photos to Flickr in a gallery setting. So I'm thinking of doing the same though I may not use Flickr. I would still re-upload the photos in zipped folders but I could also upload all the photos to PhotoBucket or another photo host so people could just save the photos they want.

So what do you say? Do you like the idea?
How do you like caps/photos - in zipped folders or in a gallery/post where you can pick and choose what to save?

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