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VanCon 2012: Autographs

Yep, I'm still catching up on things that are LONG overdue. I want to finish up with all the VanCon 2012 stuff before this year's con. :P

Keep in mind my memories are a bit fuzzy after all these months, but I'll try my best.
I normally don't F-Lock these posts, but more and more of my stuff winds up on Google, and I'd really rather keep these more private like my photo-op pics.


I believe Kim's auto was first (or at least 2nd). I had printed out one of my screencaps from her first appearance on the show "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid". Glad I did, too because as I recall they only had one pic of her in the Vendor's room. Love how she signed my name! Wish I could sign it that prettily.

I had to buy a pic of Julian in the Vendor's room for him to sign. Didn't really like any of them, but...you take what you can get.

Bought a pic of Richard in the Vendor's room as well. I seem to recall being held up in line right in front of Richard and naturally he got to talking - asking if I was enjoying the con and such. I think I asked how long he was going to do these and he said as long as the fans wanted him. :)

I had an extra bought photo of Matt so why not get one signed? *g* This is the first time I got a personalized autograph from Matt. :)

So grateful I printed up an episode still of Julie because the glossy pics Creation had in the Vendor's room SUCKED! They were all out of focus and muddy colors. Bleh. And when I got up to Julie we even talked about it and she agreed the con's pics were awful! So she was very happy to sign my pic. :)

This is also an episode still I printed at home. I think this is the first con I can recall where most of the guests personalized the autographs. Pretty sweet!

Yep, I printed this out at home as well. I think Mark liked it. Love how he put little marks coming out of the barrel of the Colt.

I was so happy Jim Beaver returned to VanCon! I hadn't read his book until after his 2009 VanCon appearance and knew I wanted him to sign my copy this time. I re-read the book in late 2011 while my aunt was dying of stomach cancer (and my mom & I were taking care of her 24/7) and it really helped me get through it all. I told Jim this and he expressed how sorry he was for my loss (my aunt died in Feb. 2012).

Now for the ultimate signed piece! My friend bardicvoice commissioned a Vancouver artist to make this Impala out of metal, even sending one to the production crew. She also sent one to me for Christmas a couple of years ago. So there's only about a handful of these in existence. Since Jim Beaver was going to be at this con I figured this was a great opportunity to have the main 4 guys of the show sign it. Misha was the first to sign and he seemed very impressed by it, as was Jim. But when Jensen & Jared signed they really had no reaction to it at all which was a little weird. But then maybe they've seen the one at the studio on the wall so much that's it's nothing new. Anyway, I'm glad I got them all to sign it and it was fun carrying it around and having other fans ask to see it and what it's origins were. :)
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