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New Printer!!!!!!

I've been wanting a new printer all-in-one (printer, scanner, copier) for a while now. The one I have (HP Photosmart C6280 All-In-One) is over 4 years old and I've been getting fed up with it's slowness and ugly scans and prints. Seemed like it takes forever to decide and print something.

So the other day I got a new Epson printer, the XP-600. OMG It's awesome so far!

One thing that came up recently was that when I scanned the prints of my VanCon 2012 photo-ops, I was getting lines on the side of the scans...but only on certain pics. So a couple weeks ago I tried scanning just those pics again. Now keep in mind, when I scanned all of these I cleaned the glass on the printer and I even wiped each print with a soft cloth. Everything was clean. Still I got the lines and tons of dust! Ugh!!!!

But with the Epson all of that is GONE! :D
The color is better, it has a Dust Removal setting that does an amazing job, and even the original scans look amazing!!!!

Check out the difference:

The left image is from the old HP printer scan and the right is from the new Epson. No more weird color, no more hazy look, no more dust and lines!

I just finished re-scanning my 2012 Photo-ops. Wheee!!!! So easy, quick, and beautiful. I'll be posting them sometime this week. Now I wish I'd waited with uploading and sharing them on Facebook. Bah. I'll have to re-upload them over there.

This should help out in printing out photos for people to sign too for VanCon. I've always had to turn up the brightness on the images in the computer so they would print out decent on the printer. I'm hoping those days are over with the Epson. *happy dances* :D

Edit: Ok, so the Epson printer really doesn't like HP Photo Paper. Bleh. Sucks that I still have some HP paper left. Guess I'll have to use it up on the HP printer. Epson doesn't play nice with others, it seems. "I want my own paper!" Sheesh. Touchy, touchy. But it does a beautiful job.

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