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Real Life Ramblings #1

Thought I'd start something new...a bit more RL stuff from me. I've heard from some that I don't do enough of that. I'm assuming it's still true...

Don't ask me what this is going to be, I'm still working it out in my head. We'll simply see where things take me, alright?
Let's start out with a little "stream of consciousness" to start.

:: I've got the song "Blooming 18" by Ace Of Base stuck in my head at the moment. No idea why. Gah!!!!

:: K is not coming down today. Yay! That means we can do what we want. I could finish the dishes, but not sure I want to bother. Will probably continue scanning old photos with mom.

:: Why is it I want to paint, journal, or be creative late at night when I really can't? *sigh* I did gesso an Art Journal page that I didn't like the outcome of so I can have a do-over. :P

:: Must remember to change the water in my flowers when I get up. Some of them are spent/drooping. Some of the roses have opened up nicely though. :)

:: Am already thinking of saving some of the rose petals for use in my Art Journals, Smashbooks...whatever. :P

:: My arms always get cold in the evenings. Yep, just my arms. The rest of me is just the right temperature. Why don't they make arm warmers like they used to make leg warmers in the 1980s?

A pretty pic of Vancouver via Flickr, since it's on my mind all the time now. VanCon in 2 months! Btw, we can see that purple-topped building on the left from our hotel room each year. It actually cycles through different colors. Pretty!

Vancouver in Violet

Ok, enough for this night. Mom keeps asking when I'm going to bed. Nag, nag, nag... :P

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