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VanCon 2012: Photo-Ops

Still trying to finish posting my VanCon 2012 photos and memories...before this year's event in August. :P

Like with my autograph post, this one is F-Locked so the images don't wind up on search engines as they have in the past.

As one would expect after all these many months, my memories of the photo-ops are spotty. Anyone who's done a SPN con though, knows photo-ops are a thrilling yet brief experience. You anxiously wait in line, step up to the guest and maybe exchange some quick pleasantries, have the photo taken, and then walk away. It's over so quickly! I always make sure to look each person in the eye and say "Hi" and "Thank you", usually with a big smile on my face...which many of them have noted. Why shouldn't I be happy, standing next to these great people? :)

Kim Rhodes is a total sweetheart. She was hugging everyone for the photo-op. Who was I to say no?

So happy I finally got a photo-op with Steve Carlson, after missing out back in 2009. Silly me, I was being so conservative at my first con. *kicks self now*

It's kind of fun to say I've had my picture taken with Death aka Julian Richings. :P

It was a little awkward having a photo-op with Mark Pelligrino before I'd even "met" him during his panel, but he was very nice!

Such an honor to have a photo taken with the great Mark Sheppard! Too bad he didn't smile, but I've since seen in photo-ops of other people that he hardly ever smiles.

Me with Matt Cohen and Richard Speight Jr. What a fun pic! Decided I wanted a sandwich shot and faced towards Matt. After Chris snapped the pic I felt Richard got left out so I gave him a hug, too. He was more than happy to oblige. :)

Since I'd already gotten single photos with Misha Collins and Jim Beaver in the past I went for a joint one. I was totally unprepared for Chris to take this photo though. Ugh. I'd barely stepped between them when...snap! That's why I look like a deer caught in the headlights.

I finally got a hug from Jensen Ackles!!!! So happy! Only took me 4 years. LOL Wish he was smiling more, but I can't be picky. Jensen...*dreamy sigh* And yeah, technically this is my 2nd hug from Jensen. There was that epic photo-op with Jensen & Misha in 2011. Whoo-hoo! Thank you, Misha, for body slamming me into Jensen. Hee!

Always happy to be standing between these guys. Aaaaaahhhh....heaven! :D

Really love this photo with Jared. He gives the nicest hugs!

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