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A few Jensen & Dean Icons

You can all blame big_heart_june for these. *g*
She posted some awesome pics back in April and I made these icons a few days later. Why the delay with posting them? Well, first I got sick for an entire month and then I was thinking the icons weren't all that great, so I've been reluctant to let them out in the world. But what the heck, here they are. I'll let the world judge if they're good enough. :P

The first 5 are from Behind The Scenes photos of the guys filming S7's "Defending Your Life" and the last 2 are of Dean from S3's "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" (I believe).

+ No Hotlinking!
+ Please don't alter the icons in any way. These are not bases.
+ Please credit me, raloria.
+ Comments are love! ♥ :D

JABTSBack001 JABTSBack002 JABTSBack003 JABTSBack004 JABTSBack005
 photo JensenBTSBack001_zpsdc0c67ac.png  photo JensenBTSBack002_zpsba0f5d3b.png  photo JensenBTSBack003_zpsa54de94e.png  photo JensenBTSBack004_zps87414f31.png  photo JensenBTSBack005_zps3809d5c1.png
 photo SPNDeanHandRingLips01_zpse08973f1.png  photo SPNDeanHandRingLips02_zpsfdd1fdce.png

Tags: fanart, icons, icons - jensen, icons - supernatural
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