June 23rd, 2006

Review: Supernatural episode "Skin"

Another Thursday finished and another Supernatural episode has come and gone. Sigh! Now I have to wait a whole week until the next one...unless I watch some of my taped ones before that!

I've been looking forward to seeing this episode, so I thought I'd type up a little review of it.

Review of Skin:

First, I just want to say that this is one of my favorite episodes for 2 reasons.

1) It's directed by Robert Duncan McNeill, who played my favorite character on Star Trek: Voyager (Lt. Tom Paris) and has gone on to be a great director. It's great to see him add his talents to Supernatural!

2) Yet more great insight into Dean's character when the shapshifter becomes him. Great acting again by Jensen, too.

Observations ---

** "Sam wears women's underwear" great line from Dean.
** Sam: "You're kind of anti-social, you know that?" Dean: "Yeah, whatever."
** Dean: "Is she hot?" Boy, Dean has a one-track mind. But we love him like that.
** Love the look Sam gives Dean that makes him turn the car around and go back 400 miles to go see Rebecca.
** It was fun watching Dean just sort of casually looking around Zach's apartment, clearly thinking this wasn't anything supernatural and just humoring Sam because he's doing the whole "big brother cares" thing.
** Cool effect with the eyes changing on the shapshifter. Liked the sound effect too, kind of like a camera shutter clicking.
** Dean: "Still don't know what we're doing here at 5:30 in the morning." Grumpy Dean is fun, isn't he? I don't blame him though, I'm not a morning person either.
** OK, I've got to ask...where the heck did the day go? After being on the street at 5:30 a.m., an ambulance passes by, the guys follow to go check it out, Dean decides this is there type of gig, they head into the sewers with their guns, meet up with the shapshifter, and voila! chase him back out of the sewers to where it is now the middle of the night! I know, I know...yet another Supernatural time anomaly.
** Just my own opinion here, but I wouldn't have revealed to the audience that Dean was now the Shapshifter with the eye change effect just before the commercial break. Why not let the audience figure it out as Sam clearly does?
** The scene in the Shapeshifter's lair is great! We learn how Dean felt about Sam leaving for college and how jealous he is. He also admits that he's a freak and will end up alone. Even though it's the Shapeshifter speaking, it's plausible that these are Dean's real feelings deep down.
** Dean: "he picked the handsome one." Oh, Dean...it's all about you isn't it?
** Love it when Dean gets upset about the Shapeshifter driving the Impalla.
Dean: "It's killin' me!"
Sam: "Just let it go."
** OK, the whole shedding skin scene - I just have to say it...ewwwwww! Surely one of the grossest scenes of the first season. The only thing that spared it, sort of, was having Jensen tear his shirt off, but after that it just got icky.
** The fight between Sam and the Shapeshifter is great, but why did the Shapeshifter purposely put that big knife within Sam's reach? Was it a challenge? Just being careless? He puts it in the pooltable right above Sam...like he wasn't going to take advantage of that?
** Great camera work on the fight, too. I know from experience how hard it is to film a fight scene. The lighting was great too, lots of darkness with the main light coming in through the windows.
** Dean to the rescue again!
** Dean: "Well I'm a freak too. I'm right there with you all the way." great line.

So now the countdown begins until next week's episode. I plan on doing a little review for each on of these reruns if I can.

Until next time...