August 9th, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

Hard to believe it's been almost a month since I last posted anything here. Time sure does fly.

I finally got the call I'd been waiting for about filming resuming on the student film. Spent all of last weekend (Aug. 5 & 6) filming as part of the documentary crew. They were two very long days, but a ton of fun. Both days ran about 12 hours spent on the set per day. I was so exhausted when I came home on both days that I ended up falling asleep for a couple of hours. I watched the footage I shot and I got some great stuff. Of course, we won't end up using all of it. We (the 3 other guys and I) plan on getting together later this week to discuss questions that we'll ask during our interviews with the cast and crew. Acccording to the instructor, he doesn't want this to just be yet another documentary on the making of this particular film, but a documentary about how people come together to make a film. I hope to write up a more detailed description about my experience this past weekend in my blog about film & filmmaking. When I get it done I'll post the link to it.

Meanwhile, on the SPN side of things...I'm terribly far behind in my reviews. I never did finish my review of "Home". I think now, I'll just do quick reviews of the remaining episodes so that I can catch up quickly. That's the plan anyhow.

As I've been searching the web for all things SPN and visiting the sites pertaining to the show that I usually check whenever I'm online, something struck me. I must admit to never quite being quite so involved in a TV show before. I've been a serious fan of shows before, but never to this degree. And based on other comments I've read from other fans, they feel the same way. In just seeing the number of blogs, livejournal sites, and other websites about the show, it's plain that this show has a huge following. I really have never seen anything like it. The question is, why this show? What is it about this particular TV show that sparks so much interest in people. One could easily say it's the stars, Jensen and Jared, but that can't be the only reason. Is it the storylines? The high production values of each episode? The great music? Maybe it's everything. All I know is that in today's TV landscape, it's very difficult for a show to survive. 98% of all shows are cancelled after their first season, if they even make it through their first season. Supernatural has proved that it has staying power by being renewed for a second season, but will it have real longevity? If it continues to improve and build on it's successes, it should have a long run. Certainly, all the fans will be there to support it.