October 13th, 2006

Minivans & calendars

Just wanted to make a quick post here before Supernatural comes on in 20 minutes!!!

I actually had a SPN sighting last Thursday. My mom and I were at the post office and there was a blue minivan...with Kansas license plates! I couldn't believe it. And this was before the episode aired and we saw them in that old beat up minivan of Bobby's. This minivan was much nicer looking. But I know Dean still would've hated it.

I've also seen a 2007 box calendar (one of those day-to-day ones) that has Latin phrases. I've only seen it at Barnes & Noble and I'm serious thinking about getting it. If they won't put out a Supernatural calendar for next year at least I can speak Latin like Sam each and every day.

I'm going to be taking notes during the episode tonight for my review later on. Hopefully I'll get my review/observation post up sometime this weekend. It will probably take two viewings tonight for me to catch everything.

This weekend I also plan on doing a little reivew of Devour. Yes, I finally decided to take the plunge and bought it on Tuesday at Fry's for $9.99 (great price, no?). I watched it yesterday on my computer and I must say I was fairly impressed. Jensen was great (as usual). Anyway, I better stop there before I get ahead of myself.

Whoah! Only 10 minutes left until Bloodlust. Almost showtime!