October 15th, 2006

I came, I saw, I quoted in Latin

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam - I will either find a way or make one

Just a little Latin to get things started...

I got that Latin calendar yesterday at Barnes & Noble (hence the Latin phrase). It's actually called "Latin For Everyone". Oh, and the quote above is not from the calendar (that I know of). I got it off a website I found with a big list of Latin phrases.

Here are some links to Latin Phrase sites:
Latin Quotes & Phrases at Yuni.com
Slightly Less Common Latin Phrases
Fun Latin

Anyway, I'm hoping to keep the Latin Phrases as an ongoing part of my posts. Once the new year starts, I'll use the calendar, but until then I'll use the websites.

I also bought the Time Magazine Book "Exploring The Unexplained: The World's Greatest Marvels, Mysteries and Myths". It covers all sorts of supernatural and mysterious instances - from aliens to zombies.

Meanwhile, I missed my local CW station's Supernatural station ID with Jensen & Jared again! The station (KSTW Channel 11) has been showing the classic Star Trek episodes and I've been recording them. Well, a couple of weekends ago they showed the station ID with the guys right after the credits for Star Trek ended - and after I had already hit stop on the recorder! Grrrr! Then today, they showed it right before the Star Trek program started and I hadn't hit record yet. Aaarrrrrhhhhggggg! I want that station ID! It has Jensen saying something like "This is Seattle's KSTW" or something like that and then it cuts to Jared and I think he says "your home for Supernatural". Jensen saying Seattle...that's just so cool. And I don't even live in Seattle. Hopefully I'll get it recorded...eventually.

I hope to have my little review of Devour up tomorrow. Until then it's time to hit the Anthropology homework...and hope it doesn't hit back.