October 22nd, 2006

A short SPN fanfic by me

I was looking at the screencaps by ExtremeFanGirl of Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things and suddenly found myself writing a story. It's actually a tag for the final scene. You know the one...the one that left us all teary-eyed and wanting to give poor Dean a hug!

I've never actually written a complete fanfic before. I've had ideas and sometimes even started on some, but never actually finished them. This one just sort of poured out of me like water. It's funny how suddenly a creative urge can take over and you just have to let it out.

Anyway, it's short (only around 700 words) and yes, there is sort of a hug at the end. Now if only we could have gotten one in the episode. *Sigh* Hopefully sometime this season we'll get a nice hug between the brothers.

So please leave your comments. Criticism is welcome, even though this is my first fanfic. Hope you enjoy it.

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