November 5th, 2006

A fangirly moment & Jensen picspam

My, but it's been a busy few days! Haven't been near a computer for 3 days and I find I'm way behind on all my SPN websurfing. So much has been going on and now I'm trying to catch up with all the picspams, news, and other posts. I do have a little picspam of my own here. It's Jensen oriented (was there ever any doubt?) and is only a few photos, but they're new ones, at least to me. I thought others might like to see them too. Just click on the pretty thumbnails...

First off, on Friday I was at my local Barnes & Noble and checking out the magazine section as I always do. And there in full glossy, color glory was Jensen & Jared on the cover of Dreamwatch! I was with my mom and went completely fangirly on her. I pointed it out to her and went "Look! Look! They're on the cover!" Then I got a little embarrassed about the whole episode. Fortunately, there weren't too many other people around at the time. Oh, you boys...look what you do to me! So to commemorate my public fangirly moment, I scanned the cover that caused all the squeeing.

These images of Jensen were ones I found online last week. I was trying to find that photo they used on the Megan Mullaly show, but alas, no luck. So, I was doing an extensive image search and came across these on a site (it was in a foreign language) that I'd never seen before. Most of the photos were ones I was familiar with, but I hadn't seen these four before. As you can see, these are older photos of Jensen. He was so fresh-faced back then, wasn't he? I don't really care for the long hair in the third photo (must have been around the time he did "Still Life"). I had to scale a couple of them down a bit to get them into my Photobucket account on my dial-up connection. And the last one is small because that's its original size. So enjoy all the pretty!

I still need to do my review of "No Exit", so hopefully that will be up soon. College and life in general has been taking over life lately, so it's been a little difficult to keep up with everything SPN related. I also want to post my thoughts and a few screenshots of Devour (sometime soon). *Sigh*