November 12th, 2006

A couple of music vids

I was having a sucky day yesterday, so I dealt with my troubles by making a music vid. It took several hours, but I'm happy with the results. It's set to the same Sarah McLachlan song I used for my earlier slide show music vid. This time it finally uses video footage. The quality isn't too great, but it's watchable. I'm working on getting some high-res video of the episodes.

SPN Music Vid - Burn In Heaven (footage from "In My Time Of Dying")
MegaUpload Link:

I also decided to upload another slide show music vid I put together over the summer, just before the second season began. It's basically a vid about season 1 and uses a lot of the beautiful official promo images from the episodes.

SPN Music Vid - Memories of Season 1
MegaUpload Link:

I'd appreciate any comments, good or bad. Enjoy the vids!