November 19th, 2006

Future projects

Just trying to get organized here...

I have numerous ideas/projects that I want to post here in my journal and I'm having a hard time keeping track of them all. So to help me keep on track and motivate me to get these done in (hopefully) a timely manner, I've decided to list them. Anyone else who's curious about what I have planned may also want to take a's all up to you. Remember, this is all subject to change. My posts are often dictated by my college work load.

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Making Latin sexy again...

Like so many others, I was thrilled to finally hear Jensen speaking Latin on last Thursday's episode. So I recorded the audio and decided to share it. There are two mp3 files here: the originial recording and one that I processed through my audio software to try to remove some of the background noise. It wasn't easy because there was a lot going on during that sequence: music, sound effects, and such. Enjoy!

Zipped folder with mp3 files:

A couple of the promo pictures for Crossroad Blues from Supernatural Media and cropped down by me.

Btw, I originally was going to post this on supernatural_tv, but they turned me down. Said something about they "can't allow the posting/commenting of download and/or upload links of episodes/clips anymore because they're against LJ's Terms of Service". I could understand if this was a video clip of the episode, but it's an audio file that's only 1 minute long. I'm not mad at the moderators of supernatural_tv, I'm just a bit miffed that they had to turn down my post. If people can post screencaps of the episodes, what is the harm in an audio clip? Okay...I think I'm through ranting now. Sorry about that.