November 26th, 2006

Because I clearly have too much time on my hands...

It's snowing!!! It snowed some early this morning and now this evening we're getting some more of the white stuff. I wonder if I'll be able to go to class tomorrow? :p I really don't like driving in the snow, so if we get too much, I won't be going. Gee...I'll miss a quiz too.

Meanwhile, I've got a few more screencaps to share. These are just 4 caps I took the other evening when I felt like watching the "A Day In The Life" featurette again. I don't know how many times I've watched it, but it never gets old or boring to me. There's just so much to love...Jensen and his knives, Jensen shaving, Jared and his candy, gummy wars in the makeup trailer, Jensen playing director on the cabin set, the crew pelting the boys with's all great stuff. I'd love to see more footage like this on the next DVD set.

And to show how much of a total SPN geek I am...I have covered my computer monitor with photos of Jared & Jensen! Just some double-stick tape, some printed out photos, and this is the result...

And on a completely other topic...I finally got caught up with Gilmore Girls after taping it for the past couple of weeks. So Chris and Lorelei got married in Paris. It was a very romantic episode and I do like them together as a couple, but then I liked Lorelei and Luke, too. Meanwhile, Rory was leaving as editor of the newspaper and feeling a little lost with graduation fast approaching. Oh, and Dean was mentioned in this episode. Dean as in Rory's first boyfriend played by a certain Jared Padalecki. Rory and her new girlfriends were looking through Rory's old photo albums or yearbooks or something. I just thought it was cool that they mentioned his name. Then Chris and Lorelei came home and told Rory about their marriage...she was less than thrilled - she was upset over having missed the big event. But Logan's home and that makes her feel better, but then she writes a scathing article about Logan & his business partners's big launch party and an argument ensues. In the end they make up, of course. I must say, it annoys me when Logan keeps calling Rory "Ace". I know it's supposed to be a cute nickname and all, but come on! You're in love with this girl and that's what you choose to call her? And he called her "Ace" a lot in the last episode - made me cringe every time. Oh, and Lane is having twins! Luke and his daughter are bonding nicely. I loved the whole discussion about the boy-girl party she was getting ready to go to and him getting worried about kissing. She totally freaks out and then he freaks out. Later he refers to kissing as juggling, which was really hilarious. But poor April gets sick and winds up in the emergency room with appendicitis. And Luke calls Lorelei because he doesn't know what to do! That last episode was really something. They went from everyone's lives being all upset and turned upside down and then by the end, everything seemed so much better. I still like this show a lot. Is it as good as it was before? No, but it's not horrible either. Just not quite up to standards and laughs it had in the past.

Man, look at me go! I'll blame all my rambling on the snow. :p