November 29th, 2006

Some changes made....

I got tired of the old blue Components layout. Blech. Boring. Time for something new and interesting. I've settled on this Poe layout for now. It's kind of cool and spooky looking and fits with SPN. So I'll be making adjustments here and there for a little while until I get it looking the way I want. I'll probably stick with this look for a little while before I try something else out.

On a purely personal note...Monday evening I experienced what can only be described as the worst commute in history (in the area I live in, anyway). To give you the quick rundown...I live in the Puget Sound / Seattle, WA area. We don't get much snow around here. We usually get one or possibly two snowstorms each winter and they cause much media hoopla because people aren't used to it. Traffic gets bad, schools close, and life in general around here adjusts to the changes the snow and ice bring. So on Sunday and Monday the area got cold temps and scattered snow showers. Some places got a lot, others just a little. I live 20 miles away from the community college I attend twice a week. It usually takes me 40 to 45 min. to travel by car to and from the college. I went to class Monday afternoon even though there was a threat of snow showers by early evening. There was hardly any snow in my area, so I figured I should go. After my class, it began to snow at the college so I soon headed on the road for home. A major weather disturbance was coming through the Puget Sound area and many areas (including where my house is) were getting a lot of snow in a short period of time. Traffic on the highways came to a standstill. People were spinning off the roadways and even abandoning their vehicles when they got stuck in a ditch, ran out of gas, or just didn't want to wait in the traffic anymore. I was stuck in extremely heavy traffic all the way home. I left the college at 6:20 p.m. Monday night and didn't get home until 2:30 a.m. Tuesday morning! That's right...8 hours later! On average I was only traveling 1 mile in an hour! It was unbelievable. Nobody around here has seen anything like it. The roads were just so snow covered and icy. The temps are very cold too...lower 20s. Brrrr! I won't be going to class today, even if the college is open. There must be at least 6-8 inches of snow at my house and the roads are still too dangerous to drive on. Luckily, the weather forcast says we'll be seeing the snow turn into rain by Thursday evening as the temps rise into the 40s.

So that was my snow adventure...of a lifetime I would think (hope). I sure don't want to go through that kind of experience again. I was so glad to get home.

On a lighter note - it's almost Thursday! Yay! Yeah, SPN is a rerun again, but I'm still going to watch. I've loved all the episodes so far this season, and ELAC, this week's ep, is no exception. Forget about the killer clown, I'm watching it for all the angst. *g* The brothers have really been through a lot this season, dealing with their dad's death. Especially poor Dean. *hugs Dean* I feel your pain, hun, I do. And Dean is suffering a great deal in this ep. Jensen does an excellent job, showing all the subtle nuances to Dean's feelings.

A random list of my favorite things in ELAC:
* Dean's heartwrenching "no...nothing" and single tear before John's funeral pyre
* "Shambala" by Three Dog Night (I love this song now - had never heard it before this ep)
* Dean working on the Impala
* Dean taking the rifle away from Jo
* Jo hitting Dean in the nose - "I can't see. I can't even see!" (can't help it, I thought it was too funny)
* Ash
* Ellen
* "All business up front, party in the back."
* Dean angering a blind man and a little person with Sammy laughing
* Dean forcing Sam to sit in the clown chair
* Dean sleeping in the minivan while they're staking out the girl's house (because normally Dean would never go to sleep in that situation)
* The whole scene as they're walking down that country road - the argument "I'm dealing with dad's death. Are you?", the cinematography, the acting...all top notch.
* Dean's tumble out of the clown's trailer and slide as Sam finds him
* Sam apologizing to Dean "and I'm not alright. But neither are you."
* Dean's attack on the Impala with the crowbar *there are no words*

After Thursday it's just one more week until our last new episode for a while "Croatoan". If we don't find out what John whispered to Dean in this episode I will seriously scream at my TV. No kidding. All this suspense is killing me.