December 3rd, 2006

Michael Buble is hot!

I only say this because I'm watching him right now on PBS. I've got two of his CDs and like his music, but I never realized how charming he is. He's debonair, sexy, and flirty, too. He sang "Fever" and you should have seen him flirting with the (mostly female) audience - yowza! This guy would give Jensen a run for his money. *g* Okay...maybe not, but he'd run a close second. He even sort of looks like Jensen...his hair anyway. OMG...they just said Michael Buble is from Burnaby! Yes, that Burnaby...where SPN is filmed. Coincindence...hmmmm. OK, I'm gonna quit gushing now. If you've heard Michael Buble or even if you haven't, you've got to check out his special on your local PBS station. If you like the standards sung with flair and charisma, you won't be disappointed.

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