December 6th, 2006

Jensen & Jared - so alike it's scary

I found this photo of Jensen & Jared recently online (don't ask me where). It's from their TV interview on May 18th for the CW upfronts.

But look at this photo! Black shirts, same pose, same arm position, same lean to the's like they're twins! Too adorable! :)

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And I watched Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars last night and they ran the promo for Croatoan 3 times! Whoohoo! I think that's the most I've ever seen SPN promoted in one evening. Now if the CW would just do that every day of the week, that would be something.

My final exam in Anthropology is this afternoon - wish me luck. Then I'm done for the quarter and can devote all my spare time to I wasn't doing that before. :p

SPN Dialog With Music

I made these mp3 audio files last season. They're a mix of music along with various bits of dialog from S1. Not all of S1 is represented here because when I made these they had just aired Shadow.

The first one (The Quest) covers the brothers and their journey to find their dad and their growing relationship during S1.

The second file (Humor) is just a fun mix of the more humorous moments, including a lot of Dean's best lines....extra cookie, anyone?

Both are rather long, but hopefully worth a listen. Just thought someone might enjoy these.

MegaUpload - The Quest 10.94mb
MegaUpload - Humor 7.86mb

I will also be posting this on dean_sam.