December 20th, 2006

It really was a dark and stormy night...

This is my first time online (or on a computer for that matter) since Thursday evening. The reason? Western WA was hit by the most devastating windstorm in over a decade. The storm even made the national news here in the U.S. Windgusts reached over 70-80 mph in many areas and over a million people (myself included) were left without electricity. Temperatures were only around freezing (32 degrees F) or into the upper 20s. Trees toppled onto power lines everywhere as bridges, schools, and businesses closed for several days. Long story short - I had no power from Thursday evening until Sunday evening! It was a long 4 days of sitting in the dark (with only flashlights) and trying to keep warm with extra clothes and blankets. Boredom was a big problem as well, but I did manage to read some SPN fanfic I had printed out! Luckily, no trees fell on our house (which happened a couple of years ago). But we lost a lot of food which went bad in the fridge/freezer. Gas, batteries, and many food items ran out in many areas, but the communities really came together and helped each other out. On the radio you would hear of people giving each other shelter, firewood, generators, food, water, etc. As I write this there are still some people without power, but the power companies (which have been working non-stop since the storm hit) hope to have everyone hooked up to power by the end of the week. This has really been a rough fall so far around here. And I say fall only because it's officially not winter yet. You wouldn't know it by the weather we've been having. First there was a month (Nov.) of almost non-stop rain, then we had a nasty snowstorm, and now this record-breaking windstorm.

So I'm now about to play catch-up with all the online SPN happenings. It's going to take me several days to get caught up. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed my Metallicar meta/picspam. I got 20 comments! Whoohoo! I'm going to work at replying to everyone because I know I always like it when people reply to my comments. So be patient - I'll get back to you soon. Meanwhile, I'm also battling a worse than normal dial-up connection. It was bad before the power outage, but now it's even worse because the noise on the phone line has gotten worse. Grrrr! :[ A call to the phone company is in order!

Anyway, I made a couple of new animated icons *points to new Jensen one*. The other one is of Dean (big surprise). It was something to do this afternoon while I waited to get online again. Boy, did I miss SPN during the power outage! In fact, the past couple of days I've started watching my S1 DVDs again. I was going through some serious SPN withdrawl. :)
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