March 4th, 2008

Jensen: The Actor - Tribute Post (JA Happy B-day Post # 6)

At last we come to my final post for Jensen's 30th birthday (even though it's now 3 days later). This entry was something I've been wanting to do for over a year. Over many months it has warped and morphed into what you see here, which has taken me the past 4 days to complete. I hope you find it interesting to read.

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Jensen Ackles - The 30th Birthday Posts

I made 6 LJ entries for Jensen's birthday & thought I would put all the links to them in one place for easy viewing. This post will also go into my sidebar links for future reference. :)

On to the birthday spammage...

Happy Birthday Jensen!!!!!! (Post # 1) - An Introductory post along with a SPN promo pic of Jensen from S1.

Jensen in Dark Angel Picspam (JA Happy B-day Post # 2) - 19 full-sized caps.

The Ultimate Jensen in DA Picspam Post (JA Happy B-day Post # 3) - All of my DA icons (51 total) and picspams (for all 19 episodes, plus extras) in one post.

Jensen Picspam (JA Happy B-day Post # 4) - 83 Photos of Jensen, all in clickable thumbnails.

Jensen Birthday Odds & Ends (JA Happy B-day Post # 5) - Basically just what it says. A link to a large list of Jensen Ackles sites, some fanart, and a special look at March 1st, 1978.

Jensen: The Actor - Tribute Post (JA Happy B-day Post # 6) - A special look into Jensen's acting talents and a few of his best moments from Supernatural.