August 24th, 2010

Vancouver BC

VanCon 2010: Weather Forecast

Keep in mind this weather forecast is for Seattle and the Puget Sound area of Washington, not for Vancouver, BC. However, we often share similar weather and a lot of times we're the exact same temperature or very close. So it's a safe bet that this what we can expect over the VanCon weekend.

I don't mind the possibility of rain & cooler temps for Thursday thru Saturday. After all, you don't see much of the outside world when you're at the convention for 3 days. ;) At least it looks like after Sunday things get sunnier and a little warmer. Good for Location Hunting. Heh.

Thanks to KOMO 4 & Steve Pool for the Tweet of the forecast.

Dean 1

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 3x12 "Jus In Bello".
Click to see the full-sized version.

Today's cap is from the number choice of 56 by lidia1991_an. :)
Ooof! So much to do in so little time. I keep wondering how much I'll get done and what stuff I'll have to give up on. It changes hour by hour it seems. Trying to get to bed early and get up earlier, so 'night folks. *hugs*

Comic Con 2010 Video: Jensen Talks About Directing In Season 6

I'm sure this has already been seen by most, but I just found it today.

Love how much he talks about directing and how Kim Manners told him way back in Season 2 that he'd direct one day. I'm pretty sure Jensen will direct again. "Captain of the Creative Problem-Solving Squad". Hee! ;) I cannot wait to see his eppy! Mildly spoilery.

Walking: Must walk, must walk, must walk!

I knew it was going to be warm today, so I waited until late in the day. It was really pleasant out, sunny with temps around 79. The sun was going down though so there were lots of long shadows and shade. Aaaahhhhh. :)
Took the big loop in our neighborhood with the hill twice. The walk was so much easier today compared to yesterday. Not sure why. Maybe the waning sun had something to do with it? Anyway, I came home hardly winded at all. Good sign methinks. Tomorrow I'll see if I can walk with a backpack loaded down w/stuff. See how I fair. Eeep. One more day! Hope I'm ready.

Stats from
Miles = 1.50
Time = 29 minutes
Calories = 124

Jensen 2

New Jensen Pics!

Thanks to keyweegirlie & enablelove for the link! :)

Follow the link to see pics of Jensen playing soccer with some of the SPN crew this afternoon....shirtless! *dies* OMG shirtless Jensen!

28 Pics over at PUNKD Images

Just my opinion here (ducks rocks being thrown), but Jensen could lose a little weight. Not a lot, just a bit. Getting a bit of paunch in the belly area there. *g* But damn...other than that. :D