October 23rd, 2010

Vancouver BC

Vancouver in a Kia TV Commercial

Proof that I have Vancouver on the brain.

Last week I spotted this Kia car commercial and thought, "That really looks like Vancouver!" However, the images flashed by so fast, I wasn't sure, but tonight they showed it again and I figured I'd look it up on youtube. Sure enough it was there and I can confirm it was shot in Vancouver!

The car drives over the Burrard Street Bridge. *iz geek* :)

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 4x19 "Jump The Shark".

Been wanting to post this cap and after last night's eppy where Dean gave a similar look? *guh* Yeah, I had to post this one. Sorry for the semi-crappy quality. It was dark and he's backlit. Gah.
Had a royally sucky Friday from start to near finish. It wasn't until about the time SPN aired that I started to feel a little better. So nothing really got done except for a lot of emo & depression. *sigh* Here's hoping Saturday is better all around. Btw, I liked the episode very much, even though it was somewhat confusing and frustrating. Time for bed now. Have a good weekend all. *hugs*

Random Dean Fanart

In an attempt to cure my depression on Friday, I turned to making fanart because it usually helps me deal with such problems. For the first time, it failed me yesterday, but some nice pieces still resulted from the pain of the day.

The caps I chose are all noticeably sad and Dean, because I was trying to find comfort and identify with his painful situations. Most of them are caps that have had a few filters applied in Photoscape. There are also a couple of headers.

Collapse )

My Friends

I just wanted to thank everyone for your comments and hugs yesterday while I was having a really sad, sucky, depressing day. One thing after another sent me spiraling downward and I thought I'd never dig myself out, but luckily, today has been 100 times better.

It was so sweet and touching to receive all that love and even though I've thanked you individually, I wanted to thank you this way as well.


Thanks also to 1_rhiannon_1, jellicle, & dark_princess17 for the Virtual Gifts. *HUGS*

Walking: Aiming for 2 Miles

I came close today. :)
It was sprinkling when I headed out and soon turned into a steady rainfall, but I had my jacket w/a hood on, so I was okay. Then it eased up again. Ah, Washington. Pushed myself, since I felt I could. Took the big loop w/the hill, circled back through the small loop back around to the big loop and then took the medium loop back to the big loop again w/the hill. I know that makes no sense to anyone, but it does to me. I just hope if I look back on this entry later on I'll still know what the heck I did.

Stats from MapMyWalk.com:
Miles = 1.78
Time = 33 minutes
Calories = 163