November 30th, 2010


12 Days Of Christmas Meme

This new meme was created by wynefred & her sis justine_andrews. :D

This meme can be posted either as a one-shot or one per day for 12 days. Your choice.
Tagged: Anyone who celebrates Christmas and wants to do this meme.

1. How elaborately do you decorate your home for the holidays?
Not too much anymore. I put up lights in the 2 front room windows, put up a few decorations in the entryway, and put up a tree on our player piano with lighted garland.

2. Real or artificial tree?
We used to have real trees for years when I was growing up. Then we got a big artificial tree. After several years we found a small, 3 foot artificial tree and have been using that ever since. Sure, real trees are nice, but I sure don't miss going out in the cold (and often rain) to hunt down a tree.

3. Do you mail out Christmas cards or send e-cards?
I sent out my first real cards to my flist last year & loved it! Before that it was nothing but E-Cards. This year it's both. Real cards & a letter go to our relatives across the miles, of course. :D

4. How have your Christmas traditions changed or evolved over the years?
When my 2 cousins and I were kids, we all gathered at my aunt & uncle's house (grandparents were there too) and we exchanged gifts. Once I got too old for toys & such, we all mutually agreed to stop with the gift-giving because 1) It's exhausting and 2) We all basically have everything we want/need or can get it ourselves anyway. So now we just get together, eat, talk, maybe watch some TV, and play some board games. My aunt usually still gives out gifts or money to us "kids" though.

5. What's your biggest Christmas wish for the upcoming holiday?
That the weather cooperates so we can all get together at my aunt's house and that everyone's healthy. Bad weather (snow) would be the main culprit in keeping us from gathering. Yeah, I'm one of those people NOT wishing for a white Christmas.

6. What do you look forward to the most during the Christmas season?
Christmas music being played everywhere and houses all decked out in pretty lights & decorations.

7. What's your favorite Christmas carol?
Hard to choose a top fave. I'll go with Jingle Bells. :)

8. What's your favorite Christmas movie?
"White Christmas" with Bing Crosby & Danny Kaye. Used to be my tradition to watch this on Christmas Eve. Hope I can get back to it this year.

9. What's your favorite Christmas cookie/candy?
Chocolate fudge! YUM!!! Candy canes are 2nd.

10. What's your favorite Christmas decoration?
Our Christmas tree, of course. ;)

11. What's your favorite Christmas gift received?
The one that sticks in my mind was when I was a kid and I loved getting soft toys. The best one ever was a large unicorn that my parents hid under the table that the tree was on. It was a great last present surprise!

12. What's your favorite Christmas memory?
When we had real Christmas trees, I used to love laying on the floor underneath it, looking up into the colorful ornaments and pretty, bright, white lights. I used to imagine little elves living in the tree.

Merry Christmas!

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 4x17 "It's A Terrible Life".
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Thanks to 1_rhiannon_1 for today's cap number pick of 226. Had to hunt down which one of you picked a number that matched up to a cap of Sam. ;)
Had a very busy Monday. Ooof! The rest of the week won't be much different. Btw, came across a fellow SPN fangirl at Barnes & Noble last night. *squee* Asked her who her favorite was and she said, "Dean! Well, duh!" LOL I love how we don't even have to explain it. We just mutually understand our attraction to Jensen. Heehee! Oh, and enjoy the fall-like header & bg, 'cause on Dec. 1st I'm planning on changing it all to a more holiday look. Have a good Tuesday everyone. *hugs*