June 25th, 2011

Just 'Cause - Lip Bite Week

This cap is from 3x02 "The Kids Are Alright".
Click to see the full-size.

Thought we'd go back to the episode we started with to wrap up this week's theme. A little guilty Dean lip bite going on here as he reacts to Ben beating up a bully.
Got a lot accomplished Friday. In fact, I was so busy I forgot to watch the SPN rerun until it was halfway done. *gasp* Ooops. Ah, well there's always next week. Gotta scoot off to bed 'cause it's late. Wishing everyone a nice weekend and Saturday. *hugs*

Exciting Capping News!

Have I got your attention? :D

I am currently "acquiring*" SPN Seasons 1-5 on BluRay! Whoo-hoo!!!!! \0/
Why is this so awesome, you ask? Because the video is BEAUTIFUL, the resolution is nice and big (1280 x 720), and best of all...no more annoying CW logo and ads!

What else does this mean? I'll be re-capping every episode that I've already done. I know...more work for me, BUT...I have...A PLAN!!!! Hee!

Honestly, I've never been happy with my Season 1 caps. I was new to the whole thing of capping and didn't cap everything I should have. Now I can rectify that. Luckily, I haven't yet started posting my other SPN caps from the other seasons. Yeah, a lot of work down the drain there, but that's okay. These BluRay caps are going to be far better than anything I could get from the DVDs. Bigger, really is better. ;)

The Plan: I'm going to cap all the seasons at the same time. Meaning...I'll cap/post 1x01, then 2x01, then 3x01...and so on. Do all the first episodes, then move onto the 2nd episodes for each season and so forth. This way there won't be a long wait while I work on one season at a time.

Have I got samples? Of course I do! None of these have been fixed by me in any way. You see them as they were capped right from VLC player in all their high resolution glory. :D
Note that my final caps will be adjusted for image quality when needed.
:: Click to see them larger ::

More about my Capping News

Guess I should've clarified what I meant by "acquiring" the SPN episodes on BluRay.

I'm getting them as high quality downloads. MKV files, just like I get my regular episode downloads.
I don't have a BluRay player or any discs and currently have no plans to buy any. Besides, my PC wouldn't be able to play them anyway. :P

The mkv files are HUGE. We're talking over 1GB per episode (2 GB in the case of the Pilot). They take up so much space that I'm keeping them on an external hard drive. As such, they take hours just to download. Luckily, I downloaded and installed FlashGet yesterday and it's made a world of difference in the speed. Back when I was on dial-up I used a similar download manager program (or maybe it was the same one, hard to remember). In most cases I can download 2 episodes at a time - one in FlashGet and one in my Google Chrome browser.

Btw, for a while, I couldn't get the Pilot episode. Very upsetting. But last night, I did finally get a download of it. In looking at it, I'm not all that positive it is from BluRay (even though the file link said it was), but since I can't get it any other way, it'll have to do.

Last night I finished getting all of Season 1 and today I'm working more on Seasons 2 & 3.

Just thought I would clear up any confusion in my previous post. ;)

Walking: Day 22

I would have walked yesterday, but just when I was going to go out we had a mini thunderstorm, so I stayed in.

Today was a lovely sunny day with temps in the mid 60s. Had a good walk with no pain my legs! Yay! I was able to keep up a faster pace than I have the past several times. Would've walked longer but it was already getting late.

Stats from MapMyWalk.com:
Miles = 1.61
Time = 32 minutes
Calories = 140