March 19th, 2012

SPN Episode Title Caps: 7x16 Out With The Old

Another familiar (and favorite location)! This is the same park at Fort Langley where the end of "Croatoan" and the beginning of "Hunted" was filmed. In fact most of this episode was filmed in Fort Langley. The snow makes this scene that much more beautiful.

And just like that we're all caught up! The goal now is to post a title cap the Saturday after each new episode.

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Just 'Cause - Bedtime Week

This cap is from 5x16 "Dark Side Of The Moon".
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Don't you just hate being woke up with a shotgun pointed at your back? :P
Didn't get a lot done on Sunday, but I guess that's to be expected, right? Hope to get more caps posted later today and the last 3 eps reviewed. *fingers crossed*
Have a good Monday folks. *hugs*

SPN Caps: 6x18 Frontierland

Based on my Season 6 Cap Poll most of you (15) wanted to wait for the BluRay caps. However, 14 of you wanted both sets of caps, soooooo since I've got all these caps sitting around anyway, why not just go ahead and post them?

Btw, I am starting to get downloads of the BluRay files for S6, but naturally, it's going to take a little time to get them all. Plus, I'm pretty busy capping Seasons 1-5. I'll find a way to incorporate Season 6 in there (while also capping current Season 7...oy!). In the meantime, I offer you these Season 6 caps. They're not as sharp and perfect as the BluRay ones will be, but they're still from HQ downloads (and the first 2 eps are logo-free!).

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Belated Birthday Icons!

As per my earlier poll on this subject, I'm going to try to make an icon for everyone for their birthday.

You'll note that I've put your usernames on them. This is to ensure that these icons are strictly for your use only and unique icons just for you. I tried to make them as light as possible as to not detract from the pretty. ;)

Happy Belated Birthday wishes from March 12 to cate12345 & for March 14th to betgirl, cg_chevygirl, & pinkoceantides. Sorry I'm late ladies! *hugs* :D

Btw, if anyone wants to leave comments telling me what they'd like their icon to be (Sam, Dean, Jensen, Jared, Misha, Castiel, Impala, etc) it would be most helpful! :D

Note: I began making these icons on April 26th of 2011 and I'll stop making them this year on the same date.