May 16th, 2012

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 3x07 "Fresh Blood".
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Today's requested cap is for tracys_dream, who wanted "Dean or Sam & Dean from Fresh Blood". I thought this was a cool image of the boys in full hunter mode.
Tuesday was a little screwed up (because I got to bed way too late - oops), but then it was time for more RL errands. At least it was another nice weather day to be out and about in.
Keep the requests coming!!! Feel free to leave me your cap requests here in the comments or even on Twitter (@Valerie613). :D
Have a good Wednesday folks. *hugs*

Walking: Day 16 of 2012

Been a week and a half since I walked last, but I think I really made up for it today. ;)
Btw, I actually walked a day last week and forgot to log it here. Totally counts though. As for today, the weather was perfect: sunny, comfortable, a nice breeze. I think temps were in the upper 60s. It was great. I walked over 2 miles!!! Whoah! Talk about determination. I've also noticed that since I began walking this year, the pain I used to get in my lower legs is gone! No idea what happened but I'm sure glad to be rid of that pain. Now more often than not, my feet start hurting if I walk too long. LOL That I can handle a little better. My weight it holding around the same, which I guess is a good thing. At least I'm not gaining a lot of it back.

Stats from
Miles = 2.35
Time = 45 minutes
Calories = 198