June 17th, 2012

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 1x22 "Devil's Trap".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

It's Father's Day today, so I figured we'd have a cap of John and his boys. And true, technically this wasn't John here, but the boys didn't know that at the time (and neither did we). All we saw was the brothers saving their father.
Saturday was one crazy, screwed-up day. Ugh. Didn't get to stay home like I had planned and thus, didn't get to work on the LL or any of the posts I need to do (including thanking so many of you for birthday wishes/posts). So I'm deferring it all, yet again *sigh*, to another day. Not sure it'll be today, but we'll see.
Have a good Sunday folks. If your dad is alive, give him a hug. If not, remember the good times. *hugs*

Vancouver BC

Poll: VanCon comm/Tumblr?

It's late at night, I'm tired and slightly bored. So my brain gets to thinking about things. That's always dangerous. :P

I got to wondering if there was any LJ comm or Tumblr blog for VanCon. Yes, technically, there is one on LJ, but that's for announcements of the upcoming VanCon. My idea is to make a place to share pictures and such about the past 3 VanCons...along with anticipating this year's con. ;)

It’ll be a place for people to share photos, videos, stories, and more. Sure, all the SPN cons are special, but there is something extra special about the ones in Vancouver. They film there, the crew is there, and it’s a beautiful city.

I posted about this on Tumblr as well because I think this idea could work well there, too. But I really don't expect any response to my question over there. I know my LJ family won't let me down for responses. ;)

What do you think? Brilliant idea or am I totally nuts?
Please be honest. :)

Do you like the idea of an LJ community for VanCon?

Yes! That would be awesome!
No. Not interested.
Are you out of your mind???
What is VanCon?
How about on Tumblr instead?

Walking: Day 24 of 2012

Hate it that I hadn't walked since Tuesday, but then I haven't been home much since then either, so I guess I have an excuse. :P
Charted new territory this afternoon and walked into a different neighborhood to the north of us. I needed to see new things. Getting bored seeing the same old stuff all the time. The weather was coolish, partly sunny, and breezy. Not bad walking weather really. Almost did another 3 miles. :)

Stats from MapMyWalk.com:
Miles = 2.61
Time = 50 minutes
Calories = 221