July 13th, 2012

Video Rec: Indiana Dean, back on YouTube!

I've posted this music vid before, but for a while it was gone from youtube. Happy to report it's back and just as good! It's a must-see in my book. It has to be one of my top favorite vids of all-time.

Excellent editing, great music choice...this vid has it all. Love how it goes from theme to theme: Hero Dean, Dean's women, funny moments, then boom! right back into the action with Dean & the Impala.

Brothers 1

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 7x04 "Defending Your Life".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Beautiful image of the brothers. :)
A rare "day off" this week. Began work on Season 6 of the Locations List, which was basically begun from scratch. Got all of 2 episodes taken care of, but that's a lot. I hope to have S6 & S7 done by the end of this month. Wish me luck!
Have a good Friday the 13th folks. *hugs*