July 15th, 2012

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 7x01 "Meet The New Boss".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Thanks to wynefred for helping me pick out today's Impala Sunday cap. Our first view of Dean repairing the car after she got damaged in the Season 6 finale.
Saturday was a day of working on the Locations List, sorting thru music files, and keeping up with the happenings at Comic Con thru LJ and Twitter. I can only imagine what today will be like with the boys there! *squee* Will we see a S7 Gag Reel??? Eeee!
Have a good Sunday folks. *hugs*

And the trouble begins...

Noticed a couple of messages from MediaFire in my email today. The kind of messages that can ruin a person's day. Grrrr.
My files might be in danger of disappearing. :(

The file (Christmas Cottage DVD Extras Caps by Raloria.zip) violates the MediaFire Terms of Service. Due to it being distributed from your account, it has been removed. Also, a Strike has been placed against your account and can lead to a termination of service.
Check our policy violations page for more information.
Thank you for using MediaFire as your cloud based file sharing service provider.

The MediaFire Team

Gotta love the "thank you" at the end. "We might terminate your account. But hey, thanks anyway!" :P

The only items they've red-flagged are the "Christmas Cottage" caps. In fact, they left one folder up, but I deleted it myself. No sense in it sticking around when the rest are gone.

Now, I believe that the only reason they went after the CC caps were: A) Big movie, and B) the title was written plainly in the folder name. It might be that my other caps (the SPN ones specifically) might be overlooked. Obviously, I need to be more careful about file/folder names.

ATM, I have no plans to re-upload the CC caps. Sorry.

Comic Con 2012: My thinky thoughts & theories about SPN Season 8

It's been an afternoon full of favoriting Tweets, drooling over pics of Jensen & Jared, and thinking about what's to come in Season 8.

I have a love/hate relationship with Comic Con every year. So much squee, but I get nothing done all day. Why do the boys have to be so darned handsome & distracting? LOL

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