August 13th, 2012

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 7x19 "Of Grave Importance".
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There's nothing quite like Dean by firelight. :)
Household chores and working on the LL took up most of my Sunday. Watched the closing ceremonies of the Olympics as well. Cool party, London. Well done. :D Today's the big'll see a post about the new home for the SPN Locations List in a couple of hours. Very excited to share it with everyone.
Have a good Monday folks. *hugs*


SPN_Locations is Live!

My Supernatural Filming Locations List has a new home! :D

It's taken the past several months to update it all and I couldn't have done it without my small team of volunteers. Yay! Thank you ladies! *hugs all around*

Note: There's a few things missing yet, namely the PDFs (because I'm still uploading even as I type this) and the Google Maps (which I'm still updating, but hope to have finished soon).

spn_locations spn_locations spn_locations

Some buttons: Take, use, pimp! :D

Please check out The Master Post & The comm's Welcome Post.