August 18th, 2012

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 2x14 "Born Under A Bad Sign".
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A worried Dean on the phone for your Saturday.
Got thru day 2 of the heat wave and tonight things are already cooling off quickly. Thank goodness! Two days of 90 plus weather is enough! I've got things to do and it's tough to do anything in those hot temps.
Have a good Saturday everyone. *hugs*


of either getting a 2nd Jensen photo-op or 2nd J2 photo-op (since they have more available).

While I'd love to have more time with Jensen, it always turns into this awkward thing. He just wants to stand on the other side of me (really? how boring.) and I'm always at a blank for a 2nd pose. But then I'd have the same issue if I got a 2nd J2 photo-op.


Ideas anyone?

Nevermind! metallidean_grl and I are going to share an extra photo-op with Jensen. *glees* More time with that handsome man for each of us. You only live once, right? :D

Btw, about the signing question I posted a couple of days ago...I'm going to take the black Impala piece for Jensen, Jared, Jim, & Misha to sign. The rest? I don't know yet. Still working on that. :D

Walking: Day 40 of 2012

Last time I walked was nearly 2 weeks ago. o.O Didn't like going that long, but I hurt my foot that time and came limping home. Since then the foot got better, then it moved into my leg for 2 days, and then back into my foot (to a lesser degree). It's much better now and as I walked today I barely even noticed it. Then of course I was busy and we had that heat wave the past 2 days, so I wasn't walking then. So today I was itching to get out and see how things were.
It was fine and the weather was perfect for walking: cool and overcast. :) I really could've walked further than the nearly 2 miles I did, but I thought it best to take it easy and hopefully get another walk in tomorrow. ;)
Oh, btw, I'm nearly at the weight I was when I came home from the first VanCon back in 2009! Woot! :D

Stats from
Miles = 1.96
Time = 40 minutes
Calories = 348