September 5th, 2012

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 1x02 "Wendigo".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Haven't posted a good leather jacket cap in a while.
There's really nothing exciting going on (which can be a good thing). Just working on more VanCon pics...rinse, repeat. The cold is still lingering around.
Have a good Wednesday everyone. *hugs*

Quickies 26 - Flist Edition

:: Re-locating
I've had my PC on my aunt's dining room table since I moved the system over here last winter. Things were fine, but lately my internet has been horrible out here. It's almost as bad as dial-up at times. So I'm going to re-locate the whole kit-&-kaboodle over to her makeshift desk (a closet door on two short file cabinets). I already know the Clearwire receiver works better over there (helps having the patio door right there). Just gotta get all my aunt's "stuff" off the "desk". Peachy.

:: Tumblr/LJ Cut
It's a bit overdue, but I'm planning on doing a friends cut not only here on LJ, but on Tumblr as well. Entirely too much Sherlock and Teen Wolf stuff on my Tumblr Dashboard. No offense to those who watch, but they're just not my things. On the LJ side of things, there's some people who barely post anymore or who I just haven't connected with. Time to cut ties.

:: Walking/Weight Loss
Even though I've still got this cold from VanCon, I'm eager to get back to walking. The weather is still cooperating and my legs are itching to get out there other than the brief walk each day over to the house to get the mail and paper. My weight is super low, well, lower than it's been since I came back from the first VanCon in '09. :D Really want to keep it down there, despite the goodies I bought last week (maple donuts *gasps*).

:: Phone Woes
I'm soooo eager to get a new cell phone. You have no idea. I'm way overdue for a step into the 21st Century. *sigh* Didn't get one before VanCon because we were simply too busy and then ran out of time to shop for one, but now... *wants* Some days I'm so close to simply flinging this antique into the nearest wall and telling mom we're going to get a new one - NOW. Soon....I hope. *crosses fingers*

:: Gilmore Girls Marathon
Yep, it's GG time! I feel like I need to watch this show at least once a year. I go through withdrawal if I don't. Really, I do. Besides, we're almost through all our movies. *gasps* And Jared's sooooo cute! *squishes him* I just love all the characters and I wanna live in Rory & Lorelei's house. :D

Ok, I think that's it, though knowing me I'll think of something I should've added to this post as soon as I hit the Post button. :P