November 28th, 2012

Dean 3

SPN Season 4 BluRay Screencaps: 4x03 In The Beginning

My goal is to have BluRay caps replace all my previous versions made from regular DVDs or Hi-Def downloads. I'll cap & post Seasons 1-5 simultaneously, meaning all the first episodes, all the second episodes, and so on. Hopefully, I can get Season 6 the same way in the future. In the meantime, enjoy the caps! :D

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Just 'Cause - Kissing Week

This cap is from 5x10 "Abandon All Hope...".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

I realize this isn't a real kiss, but it's oh, so close that I'm counting it. It's also a terribly beautiful image.
Finally got those 4x03 caps posted. Yay! I hope sometime after the holidays that I can get back to capping more of the eps on bluray. Meanwhile, SPN is back tonight and next week, before we go into the winter hiatus.
Have a good Winchester Wednesday folks. *hugs*

I'm only slightly paranoid

I'm finally getting over this cold, feeling pretty good, and mom's reaching the end of her treatments here at the hospital. Gee, wonder where I picked the cold up from? We're only walking into a germ factory 5 days a week!

So we show up today & the guy coming out of the chamber starts puking in the bathroom. Pretty sure mom didn't hear it but I did. Then as he's leaving I hear him talking to the technition about "his wife & son has it". Can only assume he's talking about the flu. Cute. Why do people come in if they're feeling sick like that? We don't need to be exposed to it. Mom's gotten her flu shot, so she should be safe, but I haven't. I've never gotten one. Never needed one. I haven't gotten the flu since I was in high school - over 20 years ago. So I sure as hell hope I don't get sick now! *knocks on wood*

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