January 29th, 2013

More MediaFire Woes

As if I needed another reason to dislike MediaFire...I got 8 emails from them within the space of an hour today. All of them were strikes against my account for violating their terms of service.

Several folders of SPN caps, BluRay and Season 1, have now been removed. Grrrrr. >:[

It's bad enough that that particular MediaFire account is nearly full, but now they're deleting my files left and right!

Clearly I'm going to have to be more clever in my naming of folders from now on.
Hope I have better luck with A Drive, since I'm in the process of uploading my BluRay caps over there.

I hate this. Like I needed something else to complicate my life. *sigh*

Jensen - Beautiful

This sucks out loud

As if the strikes on my account earlier weren't enough, MediaFire has now completely locked me out of my account! I can't access any of my files there! None!

I can understand deleting the files that violated their terms of service, but to block me from all of my files??? This is nuts! I can't even access the files that were truly mine - my VanCon photos?!?! WTH???

Thousands upon thousands of files...literally out of reach.
Thousands of links to downloads on my LJ that are now completely useless.

I seriously might break down and cry.

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