February 15th, 2013

Daily Fanart: Blended Image of Sam from Season 5

Just a reminder about these blends...I didn't make them. In Season 5 they did some great blends in the "Then" parts of the episodes and some really stood out like this one. I just take them and enhance what's already there. So I can't take credit for combining the 2 images of Sam here.

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Just 'Cause

This cap is from 1x04 "Phantom Traveler".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Thinking and analyzing Dean from Season 1 for today. We get the leather jacket, too. ;)
The long Thursday is over, thank goodness. Got lots to do over the weekend, but also looking forward to simply being home. Has anyone else seen the preview clip of next week's SPN? OMG I did not see that coming! I won't say anything more, but I'll be posting the clip (and the ep description & pics) over at positively_spn later today. Gotta do the 8x14 quotes poll too. But now? Sleep...
Have a good Friday everyone. *hugs*

Walking: Day 5 of 2013

Two weeks between walks. This exercise thing is not going as well as I'd hoped.

The biggest problem lately has been not being home, but we were today and the weather was absolutely beautiful! The sun was out, blue skies all around, and the temps were over 50! I took my long route, so I'd be sure to catch a brief view of the mountains and the valley. :) My weight is still a little high. We've been eating out a bit much this week and the last. *iz bad* But, hey....would you refuse a yummy chocolate shake from a place you only get to eat at once in a great while?

Stats from MapMyWalk.com:
Miles = 2.57
Time = 48 minutes
Calories = 453