March 1st, 2013

Daily Fanart: Jensen from VanCon 2011

I normally post my VanCon fanarts in order, but it's Jensen's birthday so I'm moving this one ahead in line because I like it so much. The crossed arms, the adorable smile. *swoons*

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Happy 35th Birthday to Jensen Ackles - A Picspam

The wonderful, handsome, gorgeous, and talented Jensen is celebrating his 35th birthday today. I could talk and talk about all the things I love about this man, how much it has meant to watch him grow as an actor (and a director), that his smile and personality literally can light up a room, how wonderful it has been to meet him in person and bask in his glorious handsomeness (yes, it truly is like staring into the sun - no joke)...but I feel pictures will speak better than words.

Thus, a picspam to show the wonder that is Jensen Ackles.
Prepare to drool, flail, and generally swoon in fannish glee.

 photo JA35thBDayPicspamCard_zps3456ea4b.jpg

Warning! Super big picspam of epic Jenseness - not dial-up friendly at all...Collapse )

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