March 10th, 2013

Daily Fanart: Sam from "In My Time Of Dying"

Made an interesting color choice here, but I like it. To me, it enhances how hurt and worried Sam is.
Ok, I just saw where I labeled this in PB as "Posted". But did I do that for this posting or a previous one? Gah! So tired I don't remember, so if you've seen this piece before I'm sorry!!!

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Just 'Cause - Awesome Angles Week

This cap is from 5x21 "Two Minutes To Midnight".
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Beautiful overhead shot of Dean and the Impala to wrap up this week's theme. I've got another theme waiting in the wings for tomorrow. ;)
Had a great Saturday out & about and enjoying a beautiful sunny day. So sleepy now though. Saw/read all the tweets about the boys being awesome at VegasCon. Jensen sang! Ok, it was only a line or two, but hey, we'll take what we can get, right? Ok...about to sleep into sleepyland. Later!
Have a nice Sunday folks. *hugs*