March 21st, 2013

Jensen 4

Daily Fanart: Jensen from VanCon 2011

Jensen loves his coffee in the morning. *g*

** And thank goodness PB finally is allowing linking to full size images again. When I originally looked at how this image looked it was kind of soft and NOT the way I would want anyone to see it. Found out about the change I could make in settings at PB and voila! You get the full sized image instead of one at only 1024 pixels wide. Now if they'd just get some other features back...*sigh* You guys think the changes here at LJ are frustrating? Try dealing with Photobucket's re-design. Grrrrrr.

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Just 'Cause - Wounded Winchesters Week

This cap is from 4x16 "On The Head Of A Pin".
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Alastair: "You got a lot to learn, boy. So I'll see you back in class bright and early Monday morning."
This ep was a goldmine for Dean angst and whumpage. Poor Dean...everybody's whipping boy.
Well SPN rocked last night! I won't say anymore, after all that's what my review is for. Check it out if you get a chance. :D It was upsetting to see some people complaining on my Twitter timeline about it, however. So I took care of that...unfollowed the one person causing all the turmoil. I mean...complaining to Jim Michaels and the writers repeatedly is not the way to get your point the writers are done writing this season anyway (or nearly are finished). There's no point in saying you want this or that because the scripts are already locked! Gah!!!! Some "fans" really frustrate me. /rant
Have a good Thursday everyone. *hugs*


I'm starting to think I'm putting too much work into things for nothing.

Over 4 hours spent working on an episode review - only 2 comments (the episode before that got 0 comments).

Unknown hours spent capping, fixing, & uploading the caps for 7x18 - only 3 comments for over 30 downloads.

Why am I busting my butt on this stuff if nobody gives a crap?
Some days I just wanna up and quit this whole thing.