April 4th, 2013

Daily Fanart Special Series: SPN Symbols, Spells, & Sigils

This all started as a project to gather caps for a friend. Well, I hate to leave caps un-used, so I decided to fix the caps (kind of in an artistic-fanarty way) and share them. Been debating for weeks how to go about it, but we'll try this with daily postings for now. There's over 70 caps, all from Seasons 1-7.

Nice overhead shot of the witches (well, and one demon) performing a spell with a Book Of Shadows.

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Dean 5

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 7x12 "Time After Time".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Doesn't he look like he was made to exist in that time period? So classy. *dreamy sigh* :)
Since it was a Winchester Wednesday, I didn't do a whole lot. Did some Smashbooking and then finally scanned all my autos and photo-ops from last year's VanCon. Now that we get a little hiatus from new episodes, maybe I can get back to posting SPN Revealed. That's the goal, anyway. Thoroughly enjoyed last night's epic hour. Take a look at my review if you get a chance. And be sure to check out the next image in my Location Quiz over at spn_locations. ;)
Have a good Thursday everyone. *hugs*

Arm(s) Guh

April 2013 SPN Calendar Image

Apologies for being late!

Explanation why there's only 1 calendar for 2013: Things are different this year. I'd fully intended on buying the 2 calendars from Creation, but by the time I got around to purchasing them, they were no longer on the site. I did get a glimpse of one of them and I've gotta say...wasn't too impressed. Too many weird fanarty pics IMO. So all I've got (so far) is the non-Creation SPN calendar I bought in a store. It's actually got very good pics (though sadly no centerfold).

Looks like this was taken during 7x01 "Meet The New Boss" in the set where Bobby & the boys summon and bind Death.
Meanwhile, ahem...ARMS!!!! OMG *flails* Those perfectly toned arms! As I Tweeted on April 1st, this is going to be a beautiful sight to wake up to this month. :D

Walking: Day 11 of 2013

I wasn't going to walk today. Used all the excuses: it's raining, woke up too late, don't feel like it. Then it stopped raining...well, damn then I had to go and walk. :P

It turned out to be a great walk though. It was raining, but it did stop for a little while and it wasn't overly cold (thank goodness spring is here). The best part is my legs felt great and my energy level was so high that walking was easy. I just wanted to keep going...so I did. Usually I go around the neighborhood 3 times? I went 4 times today. Felt great to walk over 3 miles again. :)

Stats from MapMyWalk.com:
Miles = 3.53
Time = 68 minutes
Calories = 623