April 5th, 2013

Daily Fanart Special Series: SPN Symbols, Spells, & Sigils

This all started as a project to gather caps for a friend. Well, I hate to leave caps un-used, so I decided to fix the caps (kind of in an artistic-fanarty way) and share them. Been debating for weeks how to go about it, but we'll try this with daily postings for now. There's over 70 caps, all from Seasons 1-7.

A full range of symbols and sigils on the inside of the shed that Dean & Bobby hole up in to lure in whatever pulled Dean from hell in S4's "Lazarus Rising". Note the Men Of Letters symbol (The Aquarian Star) on the far back wall way before we even knew what it was.

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Dean 4

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 8x03 "Heartache".
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Dean looks so cute geeking out over his phone app. Meanwhile I'm drooling over him wearing just a dress shirt and no jacket. :)
Did I get anything done Thursday? Hmmmm....not so much, but that's okay. More projects in the works, more plans. So much to think about and prepare for with SPN's season wrapping up soon. Can you say Name That Cap Challenge anyone? *g* Yep, I'm already making plans. Check out the next image in my Location Quiz over at spn_locations. ;)
Have a good Friday everyone. *hugs*

SPN: The show that never ends

Thanks to Dawn Nyberg ‏@Feretory on Twitter for the heads-up on this. :)

RoadRunner.com has a Photo Gallery: Primetime Show Season-Enders. Love what they say about "The boys" and SPN: "Supernatural grabs great ratings for the CW, and it seems like it always will. We kind of wonder if this is a show that will ever die." I approve! \0/

Ok, realistically I know it WILL end. In fact, I imagine the show will wrap up after season 10 and I'm alright with that. If it goes beyond that and is still telling great stories then I'm alright with that, too. ;)