May 14th, 2013

Just 'Cause - 2x01 Cap Lottery

This cap is from 2x01 "In My Time Of Dying".
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Today's cap is for amberdreams. I believe this is when Sam's looking through John's journal while sitting on Dean's bed and Dean's spirit is watching..."Thanks for not giving up on me, Sammy." Super dark, but you can still see the great make-up on Jared's face.
Have a good Tuesday folks. *hugs*

Walking: Day 13 of 2013

Ugh. Can't believe it's been over a month since I last walked. Bad! Very bad!
But then getting sick tends to put one off of walking. :P

Yep, I finally felt good enough (thx to some new meds) to go out and tramp around our neighborhood. Didn't go too fast, but half-way through I was definitely feeling the effects of not exercising for so long. Thought I was going to have a muscle cramp up on me, but then it warmed up and felt fine. Phew! Crisis averted! I've been slowly gaining some of the weight back that I lost when I initially got sick, but I'm doing my best to not end up back what I was before. So far, so good. Went over 2 miles, so that's nothing to complain about. Time to get back on the exercise train! :)

Stats from
Miles = 2.31
Time = 45 minutes
Calories = 411