May 19th, 2013

Jensen 1

Darned LJ

Somehow in the mess that was LJ's maintenance last week, they lost one of my entries.

The First Impressions post for 8x22 "Clip Show" is completely missing. :(
The only way I could access it was to find someone's comment to the post in my Gmail and bring the post up that way. However, it shows no comments and brings up an error page if I try to edit it. Grrrrr.

I suppose I could try re-posting the entry and see if I can post it for that date (I hate posts being out of order).

Edit: I can now see, just by looking at the calendar in my sidebar that I'm showing no posts at all for May 9th, 10th, and 11th and I know very well that I posted to LJ on those days. Looks like there's more than just the one post missing. *sigh*

I issued a Support Ticket. Hopefully that'll get something happening. I noticed there were a few others complaining about the same thing.

Anyone else notice any missing entries?

I'm sorry

Please forgive my two earlier posts, which I've now deleted.

The poll post was made in a rush, while other things were distracting me and what I was trying to say wasn't expressed properly. Then I got upset when people understandably misunderstood what I stated.

For the record: I enjoy capping and I enjoy sharing them. I may not enjoy some of the processes that fall in between capping and posting the caps to all of you (the Sorting & Deleting is especially trying), but that's the way things go. I do it all anyway because I know people use and enjoy the caps and I use and enjoy them myself.

Here's all the steps I do in order to post SPN caps here on LJ (for those who may not know):

1. Cap the episode (this usually takes anywhere from 3 to 4 hours - sometimes even 5 - because I grab all caps by hand).
2. Sort & Delete (I sort through the caps and delete ones that are blurry or otherwise not very good).
3. Fix (I fix the caps using software which does it all in one batch once I have the settings I want).
4. Divide caps & zip into folders.
5. Upload zipped folders to file host.
6. Pull sample caps. (These are the ones I place in the post, usually as clickable thumbnails. They number from 10 - 50 in some cases.)
7. Make cap card for the post. (This is the image that put on the LJ post to make it more attractive and easy to spot.)
8. Upload sample caps & cap card to Photobucket.
9. Post cap card, sample caps, and links to zipped folders to LJ.

Limiting the number of sample caps that I post along with the zipped folders of all the caps would help, but I don't want to eliminate them if some people simply take the samples and that's it. I know many cappers who only post a few sample caps, but again...if some people can't take the zipped folders then I don't like to leave them without another option. All I wanted was people's opinion on the number of sample caps they would like...if I could cut it back to only a handful or if they wanted the same 10 - 50 clickable thumbnails that I've been doing.

I'm just trying to do what's right for everybody. *sigh* Which, of course, in reality is impossible.

I apologize to those I confused, hurt, or upset with my comments and my outburst post.

I clearly shouldn't have posted anything today in the state I'm in.